Our Partners



Our franchise partners are successful business people with small business ownership and executive level management experience in diverse industries including sales, marketing, operations, and other franchise systems.  We also have teachers, Navy fighter pilots, accountants, health care professionals, lawyers, moms and dads!

Meet Five Junk King franchise partners

Pete McCreary

Peter McCrearyPete McCreary was a senior sales executive at Paychex before purchasing the Cincinnati and Dayton, OH markets, and later the state of OH.  A dynamic networker, McCreary has built his business on the strength of his B2B networking and a strong GM.



Todd Porter

Todd PorterTodd Porter is a 35 year old father of 3 who was a paralegal prior to purchasing the Albany, NY market.  Despilte direct comparable business experience, Porter’s hustle and operational focus have helped him build a solid foundation in this market.



Teddy Sauls

Teddy SaulsTeddy Sauls of Macon, GA  is a former mathematics teacher, and graduate of the University of Georgia, with a career built on operational expertise.  Teddy is also quite the singer, specializing in gospel!  Teddy can belt it out on and off the trucks!



Jose Urdaneta

Jose UrdanetaJose Urdaneta was a large landowner and farmer in Venezuela before the government decided to seize his land. Undeterred, Urdaneta looked for a business he could get his hands around and chose to relocate to Houston, TX to open us his JK operation.

Though English is his second language, Jose is making great progress towards his American dream.

Kevin Zoozounis

Kevin ZouzounisKevin was an elite college quarterback with a sweet touch and the ability to stay calm in the huddle.  He started his JK business at 27 and today is one of the top performing franchises, owning the San Jose market.

Our Markets

Junk Works offers the largest territories in the industry, over 2x our nearest competitor, creating a truly scalable business opportunity.

Junk Works’ philosophy is to enable 1 to a handful of franchise partners to own a market.

Currently operating in 45 cities in the United States and Canada, Junk Works has blue chip markets available, but they’re going fast.

Territories are determined by population on a zip code by zip code basis. To inquire if a market is available, please e-mail franchising@junk-works.ca.