Your Franchise

Initial Investment

The initial investment for a Junk Works franchise ranges from $83,500 to $150,000 on average, depending on the size of the market. The above figures are the approximate values for populations between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people.

Start Up Costs

For a market of 500,000, the approximate start-up expenses are as follows:

$40,000.00 franchise fee
$5,000.00 initial marketing
$2,500.00 warehouse deposit
$500.00 utilities deposit
$1,500.00 organizational cost
$12,500.00 truck deposit
$3,000.00 insurance
$1,000.00 computers
$300.00 furniture
$150.00 uniforms
$300.00 phones
$200.00 supplies
$25,000.00 working capital
$91,950.00 total


Junk Works is a truly scalable business opportunity. The fixed (monthly) expenses of your Junk Works franchise remain largely stable while the franchise grows by adding trucks. The incremental expenses are 1) truck down payment 2) monthly truck payment.

Other fixed expenses will not increase by more than 10% and the incremental cost of adding a truck is typically 10% of the initial investment.