How To Dispose Of Old Paint

That paint you bought 10 years ago during a renovation project might have looked great at the time, but at the moment it’s just taking up space in your garage. Aside from giving you more room for other belongings, removing old paint from your home can help limit the fire hazards in your property and help you create a healthier environment for loved ones. In this latest post, our professional junk removal experts explain how to dispose of old paint.

Disposing Of Old Paint

Review Further Painting Options

While it might seem like you can’t use the paint at this time, there might be further options for its use around your home, or at the homes of friends or family members. Do you know anyone who’s moving to a new home? Are your relatives taking on a renovation project in the near future? You spent good money acquiring the paint, so try to ensure that you find out if it still has value to those around you before you begin reviewing safe disposal options.

Consider Recycling Programs

In many areas you’ll discover paint recycling programs that pick up old paint from around the community and then recycle it, ready for use on other projects. Waste hauling companies and other community groups often have programs in place to take on recycling process for you. You simply have to call them and arrange a time for them to pick up the paint from your property.

Choose Hazardous Waste Facilities

If you don’t have a recycling program near you, you might consider visiting a local hazardous waste facility. These facilities employ experts in the waste disposal process who can take old paint from you and dispose of it correctly, using the latest techniques. This helps eliminate any damage the paint might cause within the environment and ensures all elements within the paint are safely and effectively disposed.

Speak to a Removal Company

Professional junk removal companies often have specialists on site who can deal with hazardous waste. Consider local professional junk removal teams and speak to them directly over the phone about your disposal options. Even if they cannot take the paint themselves, they should be able to put you into contact with an organization that can help.

Our trusted experts can help guide you on your full range of paint disposal options. If you need to safely remove paint from your home, call our team today. Qualified removal professionals are standing-by.