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How Businesses Can Better Manage E-Waste

We know that e-waste is now having a significant impact around the world. With the latest cell phones, tablets and laptops being replaced on an annual basis, more and more products from the large electronics manufacturers are finding their way to landfills across the country. To help minimize your company’s e-waste, we’re providing our guide to e-waste management in this post.

A Guide To E-Waste Management

Donate Used Electronics

Many organizations are now helping distribute older model electronics to educational facilities and families in need within their local area. It’s important for businesses to consider this option, because it ensures the company remains a contributing part of the local community, helping to use their resources to support others, and to help educate young children in their area.

Evaluate Each New Addition Carefully

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is simply making an investment in new technology because they can. While the resources might be available, the company’s team might not need that new computer or printer. It’s important to remember that a new addition to the company’s technology suite means getting rid of old equipment. If the new systems don’t hold any benefits over the old ones, why not spare your company the investment and make a concerted effort to use current technology efficiently.

Extend the Life of Current Equipment

The current technology used by the company can be maintained by those with experience in managing electronic systems. It’s important to invest resources into extending the life of current equipment and buying protective equipment when possible. For example, companies can extend the life of their sales team’s cell phones by included a case with each phone. They can also purchase extended warranties on their equipment to minimize the potential for expensive repairs over the long-term.

Work with an E-Waste Disposal Company

While there are many steps business owners can take to reduce the amount of e-waste their company produces, the time will come for equipment to be replaced. This process can be managed effectively by working closely with a local electronic waste removal services company. Make sure the company selected has experience in the industry and is following the latest guidelines for e-waste removal in the region.

Turn to our trusted team for a full range of electronic waste removal services. Our experts are standing by to answer your questions and help you build the ideal e-waste management strategy.