How to Dispose of Refrigerators

If you currently own a refrigerator that no longer works as it should or simply doesn’t fit in with your kitchen’s decor then perhaps you may be thinking of replacing it with a newer, sleeker model. However, a refrigerator is a large kitchen appliance that you simply cannot chuck to the curb when it has become obsolete. As such, you need to find the right disposal means to get rid of your old refrigerator to avoid hefty fines. Below are just some of the ways in which you can dispose of your old refrigerator in a safe, affordable, and legal manner.

How to dispose of refrigerators

Ask Your Utility Company to Pick it Up

The first thing we would recommend is that you call your local utility company. Many utility companies actually provide programs that allow homeowners to trade in their old refrigerators for either credit that can be used on their next utility bill or for cash. At the very least they will refer you to a program that will offer you credit or cash for your old refrigerator, and most utility companies will come to your home and pick up your refrigerator for you, even if it is no longer functioning.

At this point, you may be wondering why a utility company would want your functioning or non-functioning refrigerator. The fact of the matter is they can take the freon in your refrigerator and reuse it for other purposes. However, different utility companies may have different requirements for pick-up. For instance, some companies will only pick up your fridge if it is at least a decade old. They may also only pick up the fridge if it is between, say, 10 and 30 cubic feet, or may only pick up residential grade refrigerators. If in doubt, ask your local utility company so that there are no surprises when they come to your home.

Donate Your Refrigerator if it Still Works

If there are any donation centers or nonprofit organizations in your area then you can call them and ask them to pick up your refrigerator if it is still in good working order. You may also need to call ahead of time and get their permission to donate your used refrigerator because donating a refrigerator isn’t as simple as donating a bag of clothes or a box of toys to a local nonprofit. The Salvation Army is also a great organization to work with, as they currently accept working refrigerators and use them in their adult rehabilitation centers.

Some donation centers will also allow people to post listings of their old refrigerators on their websites, so you don’t even have to call them. Habitat for Humanity is another charitable organization that is always in need of appliances, such as working refrigerators. In sum, donating your old refrigerator to a charitable organization is an easy way to dispose of your old refrigerator while also helping those in your community.

Sell Your Refrigerator

If your old refrigerator still works then you can make some money by selling it to a used appliance shop in your area. We would recommend selling your old refrigerator if you want to either replace an old refrigerator that still works but has an antiquated appearance or if you want to update the decor of your kitchen. The easiest way to get in contact with local appliance shops in the area is to simply call them and provide a brief description of your old refrigerator to see if they are interested in purchasing it.

How to Get Rid of Broken Models

Selling a functioning refrigerator is relatively easy, but getting rid of a broken model can be a far more difficult task. The good news, however, is that you still have a few options at your disposal. For instance, many cities in Canada have what is known as a large-appliance recycling day. Get in contact with a representative in your municipality or simply check online to find out when the day falls in your city in order to transport and drop off your broken model at a local recycling facility.

However, in the event that your neighbourhood doesn’t have such an option then your next best bet is to call the local dump. However, they may charge you a fee based on how much the unit weighs, and you will have to make the trek yourself in order to transport and drop off the broken unit. Nevertheless, it is still a viable option when all other avenues have been exhausted. They determine the weight of the refrigerator unit by weighing your vehicle when you first arrive at the dump and then weighing it again before you exit the premises.

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