Waste Management Techniques for the Construction Industry

Waste Management Techniques for the Construction Industry

Construction waste is an ever-growing issue that many regulatory bodies and governments have prioritized in recent years in order to promote environmental sustainability. Moreover, construction waste is generated from demolition and building projects that involve rocks, plastics, wood, metals, bricks, concrete, drywall, tiles, and other related materials. Unfortunately, many such materials are non-biodegradable and inert as well, and their bulkiness and excess weight only exacerbate the issue when they are dumped into landfills.

Fortunately, there are many waste management techniques and junk removal companies in Canada that can help the construction industry with their waste management issues. For instance, construction waste recycling can be used to dichotomize and salvage waste products that are recoverable so that they can be reused and recycled. Here, we will discuss some effective waste management techniques and how they can benefit the construction industry.

The Fundamental Differences Between Regular Waste and Construction Waste Disposal

First and foremost, those who work in the construction industry should be made aware of the differences between regular waste disposal and construction waste disposal. For instance, construction waste is a very serious problem because many of the waste products that are generated from construction and demolition projects end up in landfills where they sit and rot in perpetuity, leading to land and water pollution.

As such, the Environmental Protection Agency has helped fund and create landfills that are specifically designed for construction and demolition projects. Moreover, in recent years there has been a shift toward redirecting many conventional construction and demolition projects to recycling facilities in the city.

Also, when construction waste products are deposited into a specialized construction and demolition landfill, the costs are drastically lower than dumping the waste into a conventional landfill. In fact, in many cases, such specialized landfills are located near or at many construction sites, which further lowers costs, such as transport costs, and makes things more convenient for the construction company and its staff.

Metal and Concrete Recycling

Moreover, many waste products generated by construction work, such as metals and concrete, can be recycled and reused. However, construction workers must be trained in order to determine which materials can be recycled and which cannot, and they must learn to segregate the two types in order to avoid issues down the road.

Interestingly, the reusability of concrete has grown exponentially in recent years, as many companies now specialize in concrete recycling techniques. For instance, concrete waste can now be crushed and formed into an aggregate, which can then subsequently be utilized as a type of road base.

Working with concrete recycling companies is highly recommended, as the construction company can either purchase concrete aggregates at a much lower price than at retail or pay significantly less to discard their own concrete waste products. Thus, the company saves money either way, while also helping to promote environmental sustainability in the process.

Regarding metal, it is a highly valuable commodity in the construction industry. In fact, the price of copper rose to such an extent that many thieves began to raid construction sites for their copper deposits in recent years. As such, most metal recycling enterprises now require that companies provide proof in order to accept their metal waste products, as the sale of stolen metal materials has become so commonplace.

What’s more, the cost discrepancies between reusing concrete and metals from demolition and construction zones is that the construction enterprise can become far more competitive when it comes down to the bidding process. Construction companies can also use the opportunity to help prove to their clients and prospective clients that they are an environmentally conscious company that values the health and wellbeing of its workforce and the general public.

How to Create an Effective Construction Waste Management System

In order to devise a construction waste management system that is cost-effective and efficient, construction enterprises need to take into account numerous factors. For instance, the company must ensure that any construction and demolition debris that is earmarked for construction and demolition-based facility must be stockpiled separately so that it can be deposited into a dump truck in an easy and efficient manner in order to be sent to a waste disposal site.

Or, at the very least, such waste products should have their own roll-off bin or container. Also, materials can only be separated as intended if workers are properly taught how to identify what waste materials get in the first place. While some may argue that training all of their employees on how to properly spot and segregate construction waste products may be too labour and cost intensive, the long-term benefits more than justify the initial cost as companies will save thousands that would have gone toward resorting materials.

Companies will also notice a drop in the number of death or injury claims that were caused by workplace accidents or fatalities caused by negligence or ignorance. Every year thousands of workers are injured or killed by workplace accidents because they were not taught how to properly handle hazardous materials. Years of mishandling construction waste products can also cause lethal respiratory illness and several forms of cancer as well, so workers should be made fully aware of all possible risks and hazards that they may encounter while they are handling construction waste products.

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