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7 signs it’s time to replace your hot tub cover

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Tub Cover

Covers for hot tubs do an important job, but they are often overlooked. Most people don’t think about their hot tub covers, but they provide a significant amount of protection for your hot tub. When your hot tub is operating properly and insulated, you will be able to soak in your hot tub more often. If your hot tub’s cover exhibits these warning signs, you need to replace it.

1. You have a crack in the cover

When your hot tub cover cracks in the top, you should replace it. Your hot tub is at risk of accumulating debris, and it’s susceptible to losing heat and water. Aside from increased maintenance costs, damage to your hot tub might occur, so we must pay attention to this issue.

2. The corners are beginning to lift

There is a reinforcement channel in the hot tub, which provides structure and strength for the cover. This reinforcement will begin to wear down after some time, and you might start to notice that the corners of the cover will start to curl up and rise as a consequence.

Often, large amounts of debris can enter your hot tub through these openings, which allows access for things like insects and small animals, and it reduces the insulation of your hot tub. This can increase the cost of keeping the warm water circulating and possibly lead to your hot tub requiring more chemicals to keep it functioning properly.

3. Wear has worn down the material

It may seem inconsequential at first, but over time, fading and discoloration can weaken the quality of the cover.

You can protect your cover from this type of damage by using a vinyl conditioner, but the cover needs to be replaced once it has been damaged, which costs money. The insulation of your hot tub will be compromised if it has cracks or tears on the surface. Moisture can also enter the cover through these rips and holes and rapidly degrade the inner foam and structural support materials. If you wish to fix it properly, you should replace it altogether rather than try to fix it yourself.

4. A foul smell is present

A thorough cleaning of hot tub covers can often yield good results. You can ensure the longevity of your hot tub cover by regularly maintaining it. Hot tub covers can sometimes develop an unpleasant smell due to mould, which is common.

A foul odour coming from your hot tub cover can be difficult to remove, even after several cleanings. If you can’t get rid of the smell after cleaning it, it may be due for replacement.

Excessive moisture gets trapped in the material, causing this odour. This happens due to wear and tear, either through saturated material or a rip in the fabric. Saturated foam can allow bacteria and mildew to grow unchecked. Over time, you might get used to the odour, so it would be good to ask someone who does not soak as frequently as you to give you a second opinion.

5. Your hot tub cover has sagged in the middle

There is also the possibility that water will pool or puddle in the middle of the cover. When the foam cores of the cover start to sag, water will accumulate, which will prevent the hot tub from properly insulating. This can result in higher energy costs.

A sagging cover needs to be replaced immediately. Furthermore, it is not only dangerous to try to lift it alone, especially with so much water added to the top, but also potentially hazardous to do so. If you want to ensure that you stay safe when replacing and removing the hot tub cover, you may benefit from a hot tub cover lifter.

6. There are broken locks, straps & hinges

Every part of your cover must be working properly. The seal may lose its integrity if any tie-down straps or locks are broken. If your hinges are torn, this can allow heat to escape. The hinges should be replaced.

7. There is a lot of weight and difficulty removing the cover

It would be a good idea if you lifted your hot tub’s cover. Has the weight changed dramatically since you last used it? The problem is not that you have lost your strength but that your cover has grown heavier!

It can be attributed mainly to a problem with the protective cover’s insulating foam core, which has become waterlogged. The foam inside this core keeps the hot tub warm by trapping warm air inside microbubbles within the foaming. As a result of prolonged exposure to water, the vapour barrier can break down over time, allowing water to enter the system.

Your monthly energy bill will skyrocket if your core becomes overly saturated. You will create extra strain on the seams, and you may even damage the auto-cover lifter if you don’t replace the cover soon.

What would you find if you examined your hot tub cover right now? If you were to look closely, what would you see? Could you tell if it was in good condition or needed replacement?

Please contact a hot tub professional for more information on maintaining your hot tub and cover in the long run.

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