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Follow these recycling tips & enjoy a greener summer

Follow These Recycling Tips & Enjoy a Greener Summer

With summer just on the horizon, it’s not hard to imagine those dreamy beach days and warm summer nights. Perhaps you’re excited to spend more time with your family or break out the backyard barbeque. 

Whatever the case may be, while enjoying the great outdoors, you should keep some eco-friendly tips in mind to ensure you are protecting your environment and allowing others to enjoy nature. 

After all, keeping our planet safe means that generations to come will also get to bask in the warm summer glow of clean beaches and garbage-free parks. If you hope for a greener, more environmentally friendly summer this year, keep reading to discover our best recycling and junk removal tips. 

With these pointers, you will sit back to relax in your backyard or out on the deck in no time! 

Use Reusable Products

Remember to buy products that can easily be recycled when doing your weekly grocery shop or planning summer outings. It will mean using paper bags instead of plastic or containers that should last longer. Buy a reusable water bottle so you don’t need to keep throwing out plastic bottles.

Take the time to donate, sell or give away items to people who need them instead of simply throwing them away. Ultimately, learning how to reuse items instead of tossing them out means that we can all live sustainably and enjoy greener pastures for years.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Recycling is paramount if you plan on living a greener, eco-friendly lifestyle. Please get to know your local recycling rules and follow them. Never put items such as straws, plates or paper towels in the recycling. Remember to recycle items only once they are empty and dry. 

When you are out and about during the summer, try to locate recycling bins in public spaces to utilize them when needed. All of these actions will help reduce our environmental footprint and make managing our recycling habits easier for everyone.

Volunteer to Pick Up Trash

Unsurprisingly, our oceans and beaches are polluted with tonnes of garbage and plastic every year. With this in mind, we should be more proactive and more mindful when picking up after ourselves and throwing out our trash outdoors. 

It may not seem like much, but a couple of hours of volunteer work cleaning up trash at your local beach can help. 

Also, once the weather gets nicer, there are usually initiatives in place for volunteers to get together and clean up local parks and beaches. Use these events as an excuse to do some good in your neighbourhood while enjoying the great outdoors.

Consider Your Energy Usage 

With summer approaching, you can use the great weather as an excuse to conserve energy and use natural light and cooling/heating. Look at how much energy you use around your home and be more mindful as the nice weather approaches. 

Remember that other types of energy sources, such as solar panels, can cut down your energy consumption. Consider improvements around the home that can make your house more energy efficient. The great thing about reducing energy usage is that it saves you money on your energy bill in the long run! 

Get Outside More Often

What better way to enjoy the fruits of your labour than by taking some time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors? The nice weather will surely be enticing if you want to swim, ride a bike, or jog. 

Consider joining some local festivals or events where people in the neighbourhood can get together outside to enjoy music, food and performances. You can even host your backyard barbeques for friends and family. Whatever you decide, you will reward your mental and physical health with fresh summer air!

Start Composting

There’s no better time than now to get into the habit of eco-friendly waste disposal by composting. Composting can be done in any season. However, starting when the weather is nicer, like in the summer, maybe more manageable. Pick a spot in your backyard (perhaps near your garden) and start a waste pile, allowing nature to take its course. It’s relatively easy and a good choice for the environment.

Make Your Own Garden

The benefits of creating and tending to your garden are numerous. Not only is gardening a popular hobby and pastime for many people, but it allows you to take a break and nurture something literally from the ground up. 

Many people believe that gardening is a huge mental health booster. It’s also environmentally friendly because you are sourcing your fruits and vegetables. You are also bettering the landscape for those around you.

If you want to go the extra mile to benefit the environment, consider planting a tree in your yard. Trees are a source of oxygen within the environment. They can add a sentimental touch in years to come when they start growing sturdy branches and blooming.

When making your summer plans, it’s essential to prioritize recycling. Opt for reusable and recyclable items, never litter when hiking or swimming and follow all local recycling rules. Never put things such as batteries, fireworks or propane in recycling. Don’t assume that recycling rules are the same in every location you visit. 

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