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Yard Cleaning Tips & Tricks: Spring Edition

Once spring begins, homeowners begin preparing their yards for the warmer weather. Your backyard should serve as a peaceful retreat that you can come home to after a hard day at work. 

You will not want to spend time in your yard if it is full of trash, dead leaves, branches, and overgrown weeds. If you wish to transform your backyard into a peaceful oasis, then it is time to clear up the mess that winter left behind.

Get Your Tools Ready

Once you have decided to clean up your yard, ensure your gardening and cleaning tools are ready to begin the work. Well-maintained tools are easier to use when trimming weeds and bushes in your yard. Sharp tools provide cleaner cuts on plants allowing them to regrow faster and healthier.

Clear Tall Bushes

Once winter is over, spring comes with many weeds growing around your yard. Weed trimmers will help trim overgrown weeds. Be sure to clip your bushes to make their overall appearance look neater.

Tidy Up and Prepare Your Garden Beds

Spring clean your yard or garden by removing dead annual plants from last year. Be sure to eliminate dead leaves, twigs, and stalks from perennials left behind from the previous season. Garden shears and large scissors work better than pruners. They will help you get a trimmed and neat look.

Compost Yard Waste

Collect dead twigs, leaves, cuttings, and foliage. Then, mulch it into your compost pile. Shred all compost material and aerate the compost weekly. Make sure to keep the compost bin well-covered and accessible so it can be stirred. 

Once composted, the yard waste transforms into rich soil that can go in flower beds, gardens, and vegetable patches. 

Clean Out Your Walkways

Once it has stopped snowing, you can bring out equipment to clean your walkways and sidewalks. A great deal of weed and dirt gets stuck between the stones — even if that area doesn't receive much vehicle traffic. 

You will notice dirt accumulating from weather, wind, and snow. To thoroughly clean them, give them a good scrub or use a blast jet spray to remove dirt from the crevices.

Clear Out Your Gutters

Clear your gutters and drains to allow water to drain. You can use a leaf blower to remove extra branches, leaves, or twigs that may be lodged in it.

Clean Out Outdoor Accessories 

Make sure you clean your patio cushions, mattresses, or any futons that you have outside. If you want a fresh look, you can consider getting new patio furniture and getting rid of the old ones. When placing your outdoor furniture, be sure to lay them out with enough space so that the area does not look cluttered.

Retouch Your Fencing

Use the new season to add a fresh look to your fencing. Repair wobbly areas and touch them up using fresh paint so that once spring is here, your yard can look as good as new. 

Clear Out Your Deck

Your deck defines your home. It should remain neat and clean with the right amount of patio furniture. Clear the debris from the deck so it does not look cluttered. It will allow you and your family to have a cozier time during warmer days. You can also re-paint or polish your deck based on the style of your home.

Get a Junk Removal Plan Going

Homeowners should have access to easy and convenient junk removal services to dispose of garbage properly. Always contact a reputable and reliable company to remove your waste. A professional junk removal service will dump the waste in an environmentally responsible way. 

Depending on how much you want to clean, it may be convenient to arrange for a company that provides several services. Large waste pieces like old air conditioners, previous construction debris, outdated electronics, old furniture, and other large items that aren't easily disposable should be removed. 

Junk Works offers waste disposal and hauling services for large amounts of garbage. They are handy when cleaning the house after a move, spring cleaning, or home renovations. We also handle property cleanouts for homeowners, real estate agents, or inherited homes full of old belongings. 

Junk Works will help you get your waste and junk removal in order. We can handle end-to-end construction debris, property debris, waste/junk from storage facilities, equipment, machinery removal, and more. The Junk Works team can assess the amount of waste to be disposed of and get a quote based on the volume. 

For more information, contact Junk Works at 1-888-888-JUNK to book an appointment or visit our website here. Our green junk removal system and effective waste disposal plan allow environmentally friendly waste removal while providing a convenient service.

Yard Cleaning Tips & Tricks: Spring Edition


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