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4 Things Required Before Hot Tub Removal

While a hot tub can bring you comfort on those cool nights throughout the year, the removal of an older hot tub can be challenging. There are multiple steps to consider in completing the hot tub removal process safely and effectively. To help guide you through this complex process, this latest post from our hot tub removal services team will explore four things you need to do before removing your hot tub from your home.

How To Safely Remove A Hot Tub

  1. Call a Professional Removal Firm Taking on the task alone and without specialist help can have disastrous consequences. Call a local hot tub removal services company to ensure the hot tub is safely disconnected from your home plumbing system and taken away from your home. Their team can help guide you on all removal requirements and ensure all work is completed to the highest safety standards.
  2. Empty the Tub While you wait for the removal company to arrive, empty the hot tub and make sure that it’s completely free of debris. Remove all the water from the system and carefully review all areas of the hot tub to pinpoint structural issues that might make removal more difficult. You might discover water damaged areas around the tub that could be impacted by the removal work. Make sure your removal team is aware of any issues regarding the underlying structure.
  3. Clear a Path in the Home When preparing for the removal work, make sure you leave a clear path for the removal team to use within your home. Remove any furniture and other items that might prevent the team from taking all the pieces of the hot tub from the home safely. When the team arrives, you can highlight the path that you’ve created and show them how to navigate their way around your home.
  4. Make Sure You’re HomeNow that you have booked an appointment with the removal team and prepared your home for the removal process, you simply have to wait for the experts to arrive. Ensure that at least one adult is home during the removal appointment so that all elements of the removal work can be completed successfully.

Our team is here to guide you in taking on the hot tub removal process! To discover more about hot tub removal work and the steps required to complete the process, contact us now.