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Home Improvement Resolutions For 2019

The most popular New Year’s resolution is to “get into better shape.” That particular resolution can cover a wide array of options from going on a special diet to joining a gym. Those are great resolutions to make but they aren’t the only goals to focus on for 2019. You could also craft a list of home improvement resolutions for the New Year. These can be projects that you take on once a month and each one has the potential to increase the value of your home. That is vital whether you intend on retiring or aging in place. Here are some home improvement resolutions for 2019 you might want to consider:


Paint a Room

Before replacing carpeting, drapes or furniture consider repainting a room. You can opt to move away from neutral tones and go with bolder choices from the color palette. It is an opportunity to show off your personality and it might help inspire other decorating choices.

Get an HVAC Inspection

Unlike a car, there is no “mileage” counter for your home’s furnace or water heater. However, like a car, those appliances would benefit from regular maintenance. Before you make the transition for heating to air conditioning, get your HVAC system checked out. That can include flushing out the water heater and replacing the air filters. You should also get a “progress report” from your tech to determine how many more years (or months!) you have left with those appliances before they have to be replaced.

Powerwash Your Exterior

A powerwash is a terrific way to clean off the winter grime from your home. Not only can it be used on the siding, but also on the driveway, decks and patio. You’ll be amazed at just how much grime you can wash away. If you don’t want to invest in a powerwasher, then you will probably be able to rent one from a local hardware store.

Check Your Roof

Like your appliances, your roof has a finite number of years before you have to consider replacing it. Hopefully, if the right materials and installation was used, then your roof could last at least 30 years and beyond. It will help if you can conduct random spot checks. The drone you got the kids for Christmas is a good way to conduct a “fly over” inspection!

Clear Out the Clutter

Getting rid of all the clutter in your home can transform your living space. It’s not just the old magazines but all the clutter from unwanted furniture to electronics stuffed in the closet. To facilitate this task, you can call on Junk Works. These are the professional junk haulers who will dispatch a truck and moving crew to your location for the session. You’ll point to the things you want gone and the Junk Works crew will pick them up from the spot. Size and weight won’t be a factor.

Doing something special for your home is a good New Year’s resolution to make. Let Junk Works help make that happen.