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The Smart Way To Avoid Back Pain

How many times have you called in sick from work because of back pain? It is one of those ailments that a lot of folks have in common. Back pain can range from a kind of soreness to a debilitating ache that immobilizes you. Chronic back pain sufferers are always on the prowl for remedies that will alleviate their pain. Of course, the best approach is to avoid creating situations where back pain would be triggered. These are some smart ways to avoid back pain:

Get Active

It might not make a lot of sense to exercise when your back hurts. Resting for a day or two when there is a flare up is a good idea. However, you can’t let that passing pain to keep you down. Moderate exercise can actually ease muscle tension and inflammation.

Keep Your Weight Down

Do you know your ideal body weight? That is an answer that is best provided by your doctor. The goal would be to get to that ideal weight and maintain the number. Adding pounds forces you to alter your center of gravity. That puts strain on your lower back.

Quit Smoking

Good circulation improves your back health by providing an even flow of nutrients to your spinal cord. Smoking restricts that flow and can put you at risk for a flare up of back pain. It’s just another reason you should break the habit.

Stand Up Straight

Your mother was right. All those times she told you to stand up straight, she was helping you avoid back pain. And it is not just standing straight that you should be focused on. You should also have a chair at work that provides for proper back alignment.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Working out in the gym can help strengthen your back muscles. That is also the environment where you are most likely to focus on proper lifting techniques. Overall, you need to watch what you lift. That can be an issue around the house especially if you want to get rid of some old furniture or other rubbish.

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