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Going Green

Going green means carrying out Eco-friendly practices. Junk works is the greenest company in the industry. Junk handling practices at Junk works are among the best, they adhere to the Canadian environmental and climate change agency regulations. Their philosophy is going green through recycling, reuse and reduction of junk from the landfill. Junk works recycle and donate 60 percent of the junk collected and only a small margin ends up in the landfills. The Canadian government recommends the reduction, reuse and recycle as ways of management of junk and reduction of waste in the landfills.


Canadian landfill capacity dwindles with time and it's harder to access new sites. About 25% of methane gas emitted in Canada comes from landfills. Junk works philosophy of recycling is fundamental to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Most Canadian households know the value of recycling and more households in Canada are having access to recycling programs.

Recycling has three steps, collecting, processing and manufacturing of new products. Collection and processing of trash involve sorting, cleaning and processing into materials. Junk Works sorts out junk material into various categories like metal, e-waste, paper, textiles, furniture and appliances. Recycled materials are just as good as raw materials, they manufacture, car bumpers, paper towels, newspapers, steel cans, laundry detergent bottles, plastic, aluminum and glass containers.

Recycling reduces combustion facilities which emit greenhouse gasses which affect global climate change. It also reduces waste in the landfills. Use of recycled materials saves water, forests and other minerals. Recycling is a great resource to the community as it has provided well-paying jobs. Junk works is at the forefront of value adding chain of recycled materials.

Reduction and Reuse

One way of reducing waste is not engaging in its creation. Reused products cut demand for new products and reduce demand for raw materials. Less demand for raw materials means the reduction in pollution. Reused furniture will save trees and energy used in the production of a new one. In addition, it saves the logistics involved through transportation from production facility and to the market. In the long term it saves money and allows products use to achieve their full lifespan.


Junk works donates reusable junk to charity. A donation is an act of compassion. Donations make sure we have less waste in the environment.

Unwanted appliances, clothes, books, unneeded furniture and tools etc are essential items to the less fortunate. Local churches, schools, community centers and nonprofit organizations greatly benefit from these items. Goods that would otherwise have ended in the landfills ends up being another person’s treasure. You also enjoy a tax benefit for every donation made to charity by Junk works.

Green run operations

Junk removal through recycling has been Junk Works core business since 2005. The North America operations are fully green as they use biofuel in their vehicles and trucks thus minimizing greenhouse emissions. Biofuels produced in North America emits fewer greenhouse gasses prevalent in petroleum fuels. Junk works pride itself for having the most eco-friendly operations from transit to pickup to distribution.

The crew

The crew expertise helps makes sure very little junk end up in the landfill. The fee is reasonable and the crew experience ensures every piece of junk fits on every inch of the vehicle. They are always prompt and keep promises. Employees are friendly, courteous and offer excellent service. The crew is trustworthy and the customer doesn’t have to supervise them. The staff is very responsive to the emails and follow up with the customer as fast as possible.

At Junk Works they take work as service to mankind and the environment. Their sacred work is preserving nature. They take pride that customers feel the same way and have enabled them to take steps towards preserving and protecting the environment. Repurposing junk is their call and helping the neediest in society is a responsibility that they take graciously.

Junk works enjoy top spot in eco-friendly business and dedicate to remain there. They believe in adding value to the junk collected thus they don’t haul everything to the junk yard. Their specialty enables them to handle all type of junk. The only thing they don’t handle is toxic and hazardous trash however there are firms with specialized equipment that handle such cases.

Eco friendly junk removal operations in Canada

ALBERTA – Edmonton, NOVA SCOTIA - Halifax, ONTARIO - Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto North, and Waterloo.

For more inquiries contact Junk Works or call us toll free at 888-888-JUNK (5865), or send a text to 737-888-5865, or complete the booking form above.

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