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Dive Into Spring Cleaning With An Assist From Junk Works

The official first day of spring isn’t until March 20th but already folks are yearning for those warm days when the windows can be flung open. Yes, we’ve reached the winter doldrums. This is when the tolerance for cold and snow has totally evaporated. Yes, Canadians are used to harsh winters but that doesn’t mean those winters have to be embraced!


One of the many rituals of spring includes a thorough cleaning of the home. This isn’t just some light dusting and sweeping. Instead, it’s time to attack those dust bunnies living under the coach. The stove needs to be pulled from the wall to get at all those dropped bits of pasta. When it is done right, spring-cleaning is a floor to ceiling cleanse of the entire home. Of course, there is no rule that says you can’t start your spring cleaning task early. It makes more sense to clean now so that when the weather does turn warm you can get outside to enjoy it. To make sure your spring-cleaning is complete, you’ll want to bring in the pros from Junk Works. They might not be able to help with the dusting but they can certainly make a lot of clutter disappear.

As you go through your home with your cleaning bucket, you’ll be reminded of all the things you want to have taken away. Start with the closets. There are probably plenty of clothes, shoes, sports gear and other unwanted items that you’ll never going to use again in there. Why hold onto that stuff? Give it all to Junk Works.

Then move onto the basement or head out in the garage. How much of that clutter is really rubbish you can live without? It doesn’t matter if you load up the Junk Works truck with dozens of boxes. As long as you are clearing out space, then it’s all good. Of course, knowing you’ll have a dedicated pair of strong movers at your disposal could have a positive impact on what you can finally toss out. This is your chance to get rid of that baby furniture, headboard, desk, shelf and entertainment center that isn’t working for your home. You can also ask the Junk Works crew to remove appliances, pool tables and even a piano. Since you’ll never be charged by the pound, anything goes! You won’t be finished with your spring cleaning project until Junk Works clears the clutter!

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