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Five Natural Ways To Eradicate Household Odours

It’s the time in the year when many homeowners are beginning to think about plans for the new year’s cleaning regimen and how to get their home ready for the months ahead. This means it’s the ideal starting point for addressing household odours. In this latest post, we take a look at five of the leading natural techniques for eradicating household odours.

Five Tips For Removing Household Odours

  1. Use Green Tea for Pet OdoursPet odours can make living inside a small home challenging. Harnessing the natural scents of green tea can help remove cat and dog odours from the property. Green tea can be placed near to the cat litter to minimize the scent. Sprinkling loose leaves in the litter tray will help improve the smell within the home without impacting your pet.
  2. Utilize Dryer Sheets for Trash AreasDryer sheets aren’t just designed to improve the smell of your clothes. They can be used throughout the home. One area in which they have the most functional benefit is when used near trash in the home. Tape dryer sheets to the side of the trash bag to keep the scent mitigated for all residents and visitors in the home.
  3. Keep Drains Clean with Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is ideal for cleaning drains throughout your property. Odours that seep up from sink and bath drains can travel from the bathroom around the home. By pouring a small amount of apple cider vinegar down the drain at regular intervals throughout the year, you can keep the drain running smoothly while ensuring a fresh home scent.
  4. Freshen Your Freezer Space with VanillaAt this time in the year, you’re probably looking into your freezer to decide which items you’ll keep and which items you’ll discard to make room for shopping trips to come. To ensure all food retains its fresh scent and your kitchen stays a comfortable and welcoming space, you can use vanilla extract. Simply use a cotton swab to spread vanilla extract around the edges of the freezer space. You’ll achieve that ideal sweet smell ready for many family meals to come.
  5. Place an Onion in the Basement SpaceIn the basement space, mold and mildew can quickly appear after a rainy winter day. To absorb the mold scent, place a sliced onion in the basement and allow it to sit overnight. The scent should remain fresh even after the onion has been removed, for many weeks afterward.

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