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What Is Considered Bulk Trash?

In managing your home garbage removal requirements, you’ve likely run into the phrase “bulk trash.” Bulk trash consists of any item that is too large to be placed within the garbage can or recycling container. These items require special bulk trash removal strategies, and so within this article we’re presenting a guide to effective bulk trash removal.

Effective Bulk Trash Removal

What Items Are Bulk Trash?

To ensure you deal with bulk trash effectively, it’s first important to consider which items are thought of as bulk trash. Bulk trash may include any of the following items:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Gardening equipment
  • Mattresses
  • Water coolers

How to Handle Bulk Trash

One of the first steps towards effective bulk trash removal is contacting your local bulk trash removal specialist to determine when and where they can pick up whatever you are disposing of. Most companies will be able to pick up the bulk item from directly outside your home. It’s important that you give their team at least a few days notice for the pick-up. This will ensure they can access the ideal vehicle and team of professionals to complete the bulk trash removal process. It’s also important to consider the guidelines for the removal of the specific item.

For example, most bulk trash removal companies will only pick up items such as fridges if the entire system has been cleaned and all food and other waste has been removed. They will also only pick up carpets if the item has been rolled up and tied to make the process of lifting it and carrying it to the removal vehicle easier.

Considerations to Make During the Removal Process

In analyzing bulk trash removal requirements, it’s important that you consider the elements that removal teams will review before they complete their work. These might include:

Personnel Safety

Does your bulk item contain corrosive chemicals? Does it require specific removal processes that must be handled by trained professionals? These are important considerations that your bulk trash removal company needs to know about before they arrive on your premises.


How extensive are your bulk removal requirements? Some companies will only commit to a certain amount of junk removal per job. Make sure you consult with their experts ahead of time to ensure they have the optimum capacity.


How easy is it to access the bulk material within the home? Can you move the object or do you require further assistance? The team will take this into consideration before they begin the removal process.

Our experts are here to guide you as you prepare for the safe and effective removal of all bulk trash items from your property. To learn more, call us today!