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E-Waste Facts Everybody Should Know

E-waste is electronic devices that are beyond their best performing years. Most people have little understanding of the process that e-waste goes through when it leaves the home, but it’s important to learn the facts behind this growing environmental challenge. Within this latest post, we’ll highlight five e-waste facts, and we’ll take a look at the wider issue of electronic waste disposal.

Interesting E-Waste Facts

Some Facts Behind the Issue

  • The average cell phone user replaces their unit every 18 months
  • 85% of our e-waste sent to landfills and incinerators is burned, and releases harmful toxins into the air
  • 300 million computers and over 1 billion cell phones are produced each year
  • Electronics can contain lead, which can damage our central nervous systems and kidneys

Why Should You Recycle?

The vast majority of e-waste can now be recycled through trusted electronic waste removal companies, and this means you can play your role in minimizing the damage the material has on the world around you. Recycling e-waste helps save enough energy to supply thousands of homes each year. For example, recycling one million laptops saves the equivalent amount of energy to that used by 3600 homes. Also, cell phones contain precious metals such as gold, and over $60 million worth is thrown each year into waste disposal sites.

Tips for Managing Your Personal E-waste

A common reason behind the growing e-waste issue is that most people simply don’t know how to mitigate their role in sending e-waste to the landfills. Here are several tips you can follow to ensure you reduce your impact on the environment through e-waste.

Give Your Cell Phone to a Friend or Family Member

While you might not have use for your cell phone any longer, a friend or family member might be able to use it. There are also charity programs that provide cell phones to those less fortunate. You could donate your old phone and help someone in your local region.

Find an E-waste Removal Company

There are special companies that can help to ensure your e-waste is removed from your home and recycled effectively. Call a qualified electronic waste removal company in your region to ensure your old electronics are recycled according to the latest environmental safety guidelines.

Collect Small Items in a Good-E-Bag

Those small items that you collect at conferences, such as memory sticks and cds, can pile up around the home. Create a good-e-bag and then give items from the bag to those that have a need for them. You’ll find you build connections with others in the area while limiting the e-waste in your home.

Our team is here to guide you on the e-waste removal process! To discover more, contact our team today.