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Make Sure Your Home Is Clear Of These 5 Items

In the course of cleaning up your home, you might find hazardous materials that could cause a fire hazard, or otherwise impact the health of those within your home. The challenge is identifying hazardous items and removing them as safely as possible. In this latest post, we’ll guide you on five hazardous items that must be removed from your home.

Removing Hazardous Materials From Home

  1. Old Solvents and Paints

    Older solvents used to prime the surfaces in the home, and paints used to coat the property in your ideal colour should be removed. These items are a significant fire hazard within the home and may present a health hazard as well. If not sealed properly, the fumes from older paints can cause long-term health problems in growing children, and the material can also leach into other parts of the home. Have a junk removal specialist eliminate these items as soon as possible.

  2. Old Plastic Toys

    Older plastic toys were often built with dangerous plastics that are now banned across the marketplace. Not only do these products cause health issues, they can also be a fire hazard if exposed to warm temperatures. Those older toys from your childhood are not worth keeping if they’re a danger to the home. Contact a local expert to begin the removal process today.

  3. Stucco Ceilings

    We know that stucco can be a breeding ground for mold within the home, and so homeowners with older properties should consider having their stucco ceiling removed at the earliest possible time.

  4. Burnt Electrical Outlets

    It’s normal to find homes in which electrical outlets have all the connections filled with plugs, but these items can quickly burn if overloaded, causing a danger in the home. Burnt outlets can lead to electrical fires in a short timeframe, so it’s important to ensure the outlets are checked and that older or damaged outlets are replaced.

  5. Old Cleaning Products

    Older cleaning products and air fresheners require replacement regularly to minimize the damage they inflict on the home. Make sure that your air fresheners are replaced regularly and that old cleaning products and their containers are disposed of in a responsible manner..

Our team is here to guide you in removing dangerous items from your home space! To learn more about this process, contact us today.