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How To Make Guests Feel Welcome In Your Home

We are heading into that time of year when a lot of folks are on the move. Often, that means you are welcoming guests from out of town. Whether they are old friends or family members, you always want to make them feel welcome. Here are some great ideas on how to make your guests feel welcome in your home.


Try Out the Guest Room

Although you have a guest room waiting for your out of town visitors, it doesn’t automatically mean it is as comfortable as it should be. Have you ever spend the night on that guest bed? Are there enough blankets? Are the pillows fluffy? Perhaps just a nap is all it would take to for you to decide what you need to replace or improve on in the guest bedroom.

Anticipate Their Needs

There are some details you can borrow from a hotel stay to make your guest feel welcome. Put some water bottles in the room for them along with fresh flowers. They might ask for a phone charger so have one ready. If you have an extra robe or slippers they can borrow for the duration, then set them out on the bed as well. Yes, you can even put them into the pillow every night as a fun treat!

Share the House Secrets

Every house has its “secrets.” You should share those secrets with your guests. Give them a spare key so they feel like they can come and go as they please. If you have a security alarm, then you’ll want to write down the code for them. The same holds true for your Wi-Fi password.

Plan Ahead For Food

Even though you may have known the person who is coming to visit for a long time, that doesn’t mean you know all of their new habits. They may be gluten-free now or have other diet restrictions. In extreme cases, they might have developed a food allergy you weren’t aware of. Just as it’s important to find whatever restrictions they might have it also helps to find out what they like. Are they a coffee or tea drinker in the morning? It’s always a little things that means so much.

Clear Out All the Clutter

Obviously, you want your guest room to be clean but you should also extend that attitude throughout the rest of the house. You’ll want to take your guest on a tour of your home and you don’t want to be embarrassed by what’s in the garage or down the basement. This is where a call to Junk Works can be a huge benefit. These the junk removal professionals that can sweep through any home and remove all kinds of unwanted clutter. In no time at all they can haul away big pieces of furniture, appliances and other electronics that are taking up valuable space. You may discover that you can clean out an entire closet in the guest room of all the unwanted junk you have in there. A good way to prep your home for guests is always to bring in Junk Works first.