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What Happens To Neglected Trash And Junk?

It’s important to understand the processes that trash and junk left around the house go through, in order to effectively organize your home. Oftentimes these products are not removed from the home right away. They’re left in garages, attics, and other storage spaces to gather dust. In this latest post, we’ll explore what happens to that old junk that you have left around your home.

Exploring How Junk Is Stored In The Home


When a product is made from natural materials, decomposition can occur. This is particularly damaging if you have old furniture that you’ve stored away for several years. The wood can decompose, causing mold growth throughout the furniture, thereby making it impossible to sell or move to another home in the future. Make sure you speak with a furniture waste removal specialist if you have old furniture that requires removal.


Another problem found in many storage spaces is infestation. If you leave old products around your home long enough, they can become an ideal breeding ground for insects and rodents. For example, rats and mice love to make their nests out of old furniture material. And you may find that your cardboard boxes from a past move become the home for other local wildlife such as insects. Make sure that any old materials are removed safely from the home to prevent infestation.

Fire Hazards

When storing old paints and other potentially hazardous materials, it’s important to consider how the materials used within the paints might decompose over time. Chemical decomposition can make paints, varnishes, and other household items unstable. It might mean that they become a fire risk, particularly when exposed to high levels of heat. There are many removal options for hazardous materials in the home. Speak to a local specialist to determine the best and safest way to effectively remove the hazard from your property.

Health Hazards

Another impact of storing belongings such as furniture and older items out of sight within the home is that they can become a health hazard over time. Some old toys, for example, feature coatings that can break down and release dangerous chemicals into your home environment. It’s important that you consider the danger of these items, and assess the benefits of keeping them in the home for the long-term.

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