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5 Types Of Construction Waste That Can’t Be Recycled

In managing your home renovation, it’s important to ensure that as much construction waste as possible is recycled effectively, to mitigate its impact on your home and the local environment. But before taking on this process you should try to learn about the types of construction waste that can be recycled effectively. We’ll offer a guide within this latest post as we highlight five types of construction waste that can’t be recycled.

The Types Of Construction Waste You Can’t Recycle

  1. Wallpaper

    Oftentimes wallpaper used within the home and taken off of home walls during the renovation of properties cannot be recycled effectively. This is because the wallpaper has likely been soiled by other contaminants within the home, and there is no process for returning the underlying paper product to its original condition.

  2. Broken Glass

    Broken glass is a difficult element to recycle for many reasons. The glass product cannot be easily broken down into its constituent parts once the glass has been formed. It would have to be made from recycled products originally for it to be recycled again. Some companies are now specializing in combining glass with other materials to ensure it can be recycled.

  3. Some Plastics

    Some plastics used within older homes cannot be recycled due to their dangerous components. Harmful components can be released when processing older plastics, and this can make the product too dangerous for some local companies to take on. It’s why so many research firms are now working on ways to break down plastic products more effectively.

  4. Older Tools

    Older tool such as drills made from a combination of metal wires and plastic components usually cannot be recycled effectively after use within construction work. It’s important to speak with your local construction waste removal company to learn if your tools can be recycled, so that they don’t impact the local environment.

  5. Old Paint Cans

    Your old paint used in recent construction work should be disposed of by specialist construction waste removal companies. Paints often contain dangerous contaminants that might impact the local environment if they seep into groundwater. Make sure paint cans are labeled, and then hand them over to local experts to complete the removal process.

By learning more about the types of waste that can and cannot be recycled locally, you can make sure you’re protecting the environment against dangerous elements. To discover more on how to take care of construction waste, call our removal team today!

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