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Five Smart Tips For Garage Organization

If a garage is attached the home, then it’s a safe bet that it becomes the main entry point into that home. That is certainly convenient in bad weather but it could be an issue if the path between your car and the garage is one that is full of clutter. Things get complicated when you have to carry groceries in from the car and navigate around boxes and other rubbish. This is why garage organization should become a priority as you head into the new year. Here are five smart tips to help you with your garage organization:


Car or No Car?

The first consideration is what you’re going to be doing with your car. Depending upon your neighborhood and driveway situation, you might feel safe parking your car outside of the house. That would certainly free up a lot of room in the garage but it might not be practical given all the potential hazards of snowstorms. If you are committing to parking the car in the garage, then your organization needs to form around that car. You should be able to open the doors fully without having to squeeze in and out of your own ride.

Put up Shelves

Unless you are using the garage as an extension of your living space you really don’t have to be concerned about aesthetics when it comes to shelving. What you want are durable metal shelves that can hold a lot of weight. These will be strategically placed around your parking space and should be secured to the wall. Again, they need to be loaded up with a lot of potentially heavy objects so make sure they can take the weight.

Consider Vertical Space

The ceiling of your garage is also up great option for storage. There are overhanging shelves that you can put up along the back wall which would be perfect for storage items that you don’t need quick access to. There are even ceiling storage lifts that allow you to gain that access with a remote.

Use Pegboard’s and Bins

A portion of one of your garage walls should be dedicated to a pegboard. Hanging hooks on a pegboard provide a lot of storage opportunities for everything from a bicycle to gardening tools. The good thing about the pegboard is that you can make adjustments as you add items to be hung up.

As for the bins, anything that goes on the shelf should be put into a plastic bin so that you can see what’s on the inside. At the very least everything should be labeled. When buying the bins, be sure to buy extras in order to have on some on hand because the space will fill up fast.

Get Rid of the Rubbish

Organizing your garage is a lot like organizing your closet: everything needs to come out. This actually isn’t a bad thing. When you pull everything out of the garage it will open up the space and allow you to bring in all the above-mentioned storage items. Then you can sort through the pile to find the things that you need to hold onto.

As for everything else, that should be picked up by Junk Works. These are the professional junk haulers who can swiftly remove all the garage rubbish and make sure that it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Some of what you’re getting rid of might still be usable. That’s why Junk Works makes drop-offs to charities. Setting up that Junk Works appointment will also motivate you to get the job of organizing your garage done.