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Stuck With E-Waste? Turn It Over to Junk Works

By now, you have probably recognized that tossing out electronics in the trash is not a good idea. When left alone to rot inside a landfill, that e-waste can break down and release harmful toxins into the environment. This is why electronics have to be carefully dismantled at a certified recycling center. The challenge is finding of recycling center that can handle this type of work.


Occasionally, there are e-waste drop off days sponsored by various companies. However, that requires you packing up all your electronic gear and making it to the drop off site before it closes. It’s not always convenient. The best way to get rid of your e-waste is to turn it over to Junk Works. These are the professional junk haulers who won’t take apart your electronics but they’ll make sure they get dropped off at the proper facility that will.

Holiday Replacements

This issue of getting rid of e-waste is more prevalent at this time of year. That’s because many of us had various electronics replaced over the holidays. After Christmas, you might have found yourself as the lucky recipient of a new laptop, flatscreen television or Blu-ray player. By now, you powered up those devices and are enjoying them. What happened to the old ones? They probably either got shoved into a closet or under a bed. That’s not the best place for them. One call to Junk Works can remove them from your home once and for all.

Clear Out All the Clutter

Junk works assigns a two-man moving crew and huge moving truck for every session. That might seem a bit excessive if all you getting rid of are a computer or old television. Perhaps you can take this opportunity of that moving crew and truck to get rid of the rest of your unwanted clutter. It doesn’t matter to junk works if you want to get rid of a little or a lot. Their only focus is making sure you are completely satisfied. That means you can finally lose the piano that nobody is playing for the treadmill no one is working out on. Two very heavy objects that would easily be loaded by the Junk Works crew along with all the rest of your unwanted items.

Take Back Your Space

Once Junk Works has completed their removal, you’re going to find yourself with a lot of open space. There are plastic bins designed to slide under beds, which make for great storage of winter clothing. That’s much better than an old desktop computer being kept under there. If junk works helps you clear out your closet and garage, then you’ll have plenty of storage to keep the things that matter. This all is going to help you get organized. Freeing your living space of all that clutter will go a long way towards freeing your mind as well. That’s a great way to start off the new year!

You don’t have to be stuck with e-waste or clutter one day longer as long as Junk Works is just a phone call away.