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Ready To Start A Home Business? Consider These Start Up Ideas

Do you dream of someday becoming your own boss? There are dozens of home businesses popping up every day. Just because you have a home business doesn’t mean you can kick back and take it easy. Yes, the commute might be better but you’ll still have to put in a 9 to 5 kind of day to be a success. The ultimate goal would be that your home business grows so big that you’ll have to move out of your home. Here are some unique home business start up ideas:


Event Planner

Is throwing a party your most favorite thing to do? Why not turn that passion into a professional gig. An event planner is someone who has great attention to detail and can network with a lot of vendors. Not only can you throw the perfect dream wedding but you could also help put together anniversary parties, baby-showers and corporate events. The greatest tool you have is staring right back at you. All your research can be done from home.

Home Chef

If you like to cook and win rave reviews for your cuisine, then perhaps you should think about sharing your culinary skills with the rest of the world. There are bunches of options with this type of home business. You could focus on a particular product like cakes, pies or cookies and begin selling them at local farmers markets. Even though you might only be able to hit a few markets per week, you’ll be building up a clientele. No reason you can bake goodies for those customers all during the week! You could also start a small catering company that handles small parties. This is definitely the kind of business that can grow beyond your home. Fortunately, there are commercial kitchens you can rent for a couple of hours each day to get your bulk baking done.

Day Care

Most moms and dads are of the working variety. This means they need someone they can trust to watch over the toddlers. The bulk of day care centers are set up from homes. If you have the space and love hanging out with kids all day, then this could be a great business. You might have to get certified and licensed but those are easy to comply with.

Personal Shopper

The fancy department stores provide personal shoppers for their clients that spend the big bucks. For a home business, you can become a personal shopper for your neighbors. There are sure to be plenty of folks who might have trouble getting around or are too busy to run their errands. Your business can be via phone or online. In a couple of hours you can knock out all your errands and have the rest of the day to kick back. Sounds like a sweet deal.

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