5 Tips To Reduce Construction Site Waste

Organizations across the construction industry have limited room in which to keep their tools. So it’s essential that all site waste is eliminated. Eliminating site waste is also imperative in maintaining safety, as any remnants on the ground can become a health hazard to your work team. To help guide your company as you look to reduce your construction site waste, our construction waste removal team offers the following five tips:

Construction Site Waste Removal

  1. Begin During the Design Phase
    Waste management begins with effective construction design work. Make sure that your team has effectively designed the project so that waste materials are minimized. Choosing experienced designers and analyzing all elements of the project is the most important technique for minimizing waste.
  2. Sort the Waste As It’s Created
    One of the reasons construction sites become overrun with waste is that there is no easy way to sort it all. Teams should be trained to sort the waste immediately after it has been created. That way, it can easily be hauled away from the site and readied for the construction waste removal work. Once teams become adept at this process, they will be better able to focus on their working role while reducing site waste.
  3. Repurpose Items Leftover from the Job
    Elements such as door and window framing that has been removed during one construction project can be used in another. Make sure that any still-useful items are repurposed for upcoming projects. Ensure there’s an area on your construction site for repurposed products that still hold functional value over the coming years.
  4. Precisely Track Resource Usage
    By tracking your use of materials effectively, you can significantly cut down on resource waste in the long-term. It’s important to assign a specialist for resource management and ensure they communicate with all members of the team, to determine where resources can be used more effectively.
  5. Build and Implement a Waste Management Plan
    With a full understanding of how you’re using your resources and where you can better improve your processes to manage resources more efficiently, you can now create a waste management plan. All members of the team should be stakeholders in the waste management plan. The plan should also include guidance on how to deal with specific types of waste and highlight the waste management objectives for the team.

Effective waste management can help teams across the country improve their use of resources and reduce site costs for upcoming projects. To discover more on effective waste management strategies, contact our construction waste removal team today!