How Trash Impacts Wildlife

While many people continue to highlight the role of trash in damaging our water supplies and causing long-standing issues with our environment, it’s also important to consider the impact on local wildlife. Wildlife has been tremendously impacted by our disposal of waste in recent years, so in this latest post we’ll highlight the problems waste has caused, and what you can do to help mitigate the problems in the future.

Trash’s Impact On Wildlife

Plastics Impact Natural Mechanisms

One of the most dangerous elements in our trash is plastics. Plastic products can have a significant and devastating effect on animals when ingested. Animals cannot break down the plastic products within their digestive system, and this means their bodies are depleted of important nutrients after ingestion. Oftentimes, animals die due to obstruction of their breathing pathways as a result of consuming plastic products.

Runoff of Polluted Water Changes Soil

The condition of the soil surrounding our homes is of great importance to sustaining life. When toxins from trash make their way into local waterways, this can change the biological makeup of the soil, as toxins accumulate within the ground. When animals use the soil for their home or consume insects that have lived in the soil, these toxins can then make their way into the animal’s body, causing the breakdown of organs and other health issues.

Animals Become Stuck in Bottles and Jars

Our trash also restricts the movement of animals in local areas. Many creatures try to use our bottles and jars, as well as other trash they discover, to protect themselves. Oftentimes, they can become stuck within plastic and glass bottles as they try to take cover. This can leave them unable to access food and has significantly reduced the population of smaller rodents and other animals across the country.

What You Can Do

So now that you know the clear negative impact that trash can have on the animals within your local area, it’s important to learn more about what you can do to prevent it. First, if you have a lot of junk to get rid of, call a local bulk trash removal company to ensure trash is safely disposed of. Secondly, try to alert local bulk trash removal companies to potential issues with garbage in your city. They can usually respond in minutes to large-scale problems that could have lasting consequences for the natural environment.

To discover more on how you can play a proactive role in protecting the environment from the impact of trash, contact our experts today.