What Is Considered Yard Waste

Do you know the products that can be placed in a yard waste bag?

A Guide On Yard Waste

Not just any debris can be classified as yard waste, but for leaves, sticks, and organic matter, it can be quickly disposed and hauled off by a removal service.

Working with our team will help you to distinguish between the various forms of waste around your property. To help you with the upcoming spring cleanup, let’s go over what types of yard waste you will want to address.

Grass Clippings

Bag your grass clippings and send them off with your local yard waste removal service. That way, you know your lawn is always ready for family get-togethers or just for a game of catch with the kids. If the clippings are longer than usual due to adjusting the lawnmower height, a waste removal service can quickly raked them up then haul off along with leaves and other yard debris.


Weeds and diseased plants are rarely disposed of in a compost or used for mulching. This is because the temperature in composts are not high enough to kill the bacteria within the diseased plants. Therefore, the diseased plants should either be burned or placed in your yard waste bags for removal. It’s also important that you don’t place weeds treated with herbicide in the compost because this can poison with the fertilizer created.


Leaves are among the most common organic material placed in yard waste bags. In fact, the trees in your yard are the biggest producers of yard waste. It’s important to take a few moments each week to rake the yard; removing all leaves on the lawn and placing them in yard waste bags to the messe doesn’t compound.

Tips to Secure Yard Waste

Now that you have a clear understanding of the types of yard waste found around your home, secure the bag and place it on the side of the house under the eavestrough before the yard waste service arrives on removal day.

Follow these tips to secure your yard waste bag:

  • Keep bags out of the rain

  • The brown paper bags used for yard waste can rip when wet. Make sure they’re kept out of the rain.

  • Push down waste in the bag

  • When using yard waste bags, make sure that all waste is compacted so that you don’t get scratched by sticks when picking it up.

  • Look for tears

Tears in the bag can happen when a stick or branch goes through the paper (if not compacted properly). Check the outside of the bag before picking it up to be removed.

Our team is here to help your yard looking its best for summer 2018! If you would like to learn more about our yard waste removal service, give us a call today at 1-888-888-5865