Old Electronics: When To Throw Out And When To Sell

Most people end up accumulating quite the collection of electronics throughout their lives. Computers, TVs, laptops, phones, monitors, gifts, impulse buys — it can quickly add up. Most also typically use up quite a lot of space to storm them. It can be hard to work up the nerve to get rid of something, especially when quite a lot of money was spent on it. If you’re deciding what to do with your old electronics and aren’t sure whether to sell or recycle, keep this in mind:

 When To Get Rid Of Old Electronics

Its practical value

If you are debating whether to throw out or sell your electronics, a good rule of thumb is to consider how far the technology has progressed since you purchased it. For instance, an old tube TV from the 1990s is likely not going to be attractive to most people because TVs at all price levels have a sleek modern design. If you are confident no one is going to be interested in the technology, consider recycling it.

Check buy-and-sell listings

If you want to get a good idea of how much your old electronics are worth, check on Craigslist and Kijiji to see what the average price is. You might find that the old phone or tablet you hardly use is still fetching a couple of hundred on the resale market — you never know.

It doesn’t work

While people often attempt to sell junk that doesn’t work, consider the point of view of the ideal buyer. If you know that the old speakers don’t work and the cost of fixing it for resale would be higher than the money you’d stand to make from the sale, it might be time to just bid farewell to the item and have it recycled. However, if the main components are still in good condition, you could sell them on electronics sites like www.tigerdirect.ca.

When to sell and when to throw out old electronics is certainly something you want to put some thought into, given you stand to make some money if people are still interested.

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