Why Real Estate Agents Need a Trash Removal Service to Sell Homes

A recent survey of 2,000 real estate agents revealed that hiring a trash removal company to declutter the home could increase the price of the property by about $2,200. Real estate agents who understand the importance of ‘curb appeal’ when selling a home should use a bulk trash removal service to ensure that the house looks tidy and ready for sale, and fetches a higher price.

Real Estate Agents Need a Trash Removal  Service to Sell Homes

Reasons for Trash Removal Before Property Listing

As a real estate agent, your objective is to sell or lease a property as quickly as possible at the market price or higher. But any property that has been recently vacated is rarely in good condition for immediate occupation. You will need to get rid of any junk and trash left behind by the previous owners before you hire a contractor for any renovations.

Timing is critical in property management, and having a junk removal company you can rely on to handle these operations is important to ensure:

  1. Effective cleaning

    Hiring a professional junk removal company helps ensure that the property is uncluttered. Not only will all the trash be completely removed and hauled away but the process will also be done fast and carefully without causing any damage to the house.

  2. Curb appeal and a good first impression

    Homebuyers and tenants generally prefer to move into a house that requires little to no work to make it livable. If the prospects have options to consider, clutter in the basement, garage, or yard can be a big turn off. A clean and clutter-free house is more attractive to house hunters, whether viewed in person or in the online listing photos.

    Professional trash removal services help real estate agents to present the property in its best light. This allows them to increase the asking price and make a quicker sale.

Trash Removal Before Property Listing

Studies suggest that many homeowners move to a new home after about six years. During this time, households will have accumulated a lot of items, from seasonal clothing to children’s toys, to gardening supplies. When moving, many homeowners also upgrade their appliances and furniture, meaning any items they can’t dispose of, or that aren’t in good condition, are left behind as trash. These items should be hauled away as soon as possible in order to prepare the house for staging, appraisal, and occupation by the new owner.

Depending on the amount of trash that needs to be removed, real estate agents may need to perform a full cleanout or arrange for the disposal of specific kinds of garbage, such as large furniture or electronic appliances and waste.

Trash Removal After Foreclosure

Foreclosed properties are often left in a cluttered or damaged condition. The prior occupants during foreclosure may be forced to leave behind their possessions. In such cases, a professional bulk trash removal company can help to clear the clutter and allows real estate agents to hire contractors to get the house back in top condition for a quick sale at the right price.

Trash Removal for Rentals

Compared to homeowners, tenants tend to move more frequently. As such, real estate agents need to quickly prepare the home for the next tenant to minimize vacancy periods, when no rental income is generated.

In cases where tenants inform you of their plans to vacate a home, real estate agents have enough time to prepare for junk removal and property renovation to reduce downtime. But when the tenant is forced to vacate due to legal action resulting from unpaid rent, or simply chooses to abandon the house, there is usually a lot of trash, junk, and assorted household items that need to be cleared.

Considering that time is a critical component in the rental and property sale process, it helps to have access to a trash removal company you can depend on.

If you’re looking to focus on the sales component of your real estate business, it helps to partner with a local trash removal company who can handle the cleanout process and prepare the vacant properties for occupation.

Finding the right professionals for the job will help to save you time and money. Some of the important things to look for when hiring a trash removal firm include:

  1. Professionalism

    A company that is thorough in its operations, offering interior and exterior cleanout, including the removal of damaged sheds and playsets or rusty vehicles in the yard. They should also be transparent and upfront about the costs, the trash disposal procedure, and other operational matters.

  2. Careful and experienced service

    The objective of decluttering is to leave the property in better condition that it was left. Your removal company should be careful not to scratch the floors or walls, or cause any new kind of damage to the property

  3. Quick response time

    A firm that is available on the same day, or within 24 hours, to provide emergency trash removal services.

  4. Dependability

    They should arrive at the agreed time and have the capacity to haul away different types of junk, waste, and debris, for both small and large truckloads.

  5. Eco-friendly

    These companies prioritize safety, efficiency, and conservation of the environment, which means that you don’t have to worry about how the junk is disposed

A bulk trash removal company that meets all those requirements will give you the peace of mind and confidence to focus on your real estate business, so you can sell the property faster and at a better price.

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