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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Rubbish Removal Takes Spring Cleaning To The Next Level

The success of your spring cleaning agenda depends on the thoroughness of your plans. You could spend a good part of your weekend going through every room in the house dusting, vacuuming and mopping. That’s the basics. You can go deeper by removing drapes and getting them dry cleaned. You can wipe down your baseboards and vacuum the corners of your ceiling. You can remove every keepsake and book off of shelves, dust those items and then dust the shelves. That would just be in the living room. You can take that same approach in your kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.  A thorough spring cleaning means taking everything out and cleaning it one item at a time.

Process of Elimination

That same process can also reveal a lot of items that could be removed from the home altogether. These will be all the things that you no longer need. Maybe the item has stopped working or it never worked. It could be an article of clothing that you are no longer going to wear. There are also all kinds of e-waste that you might have in storage that had been replaced like televisions, computers, printers and monitors. By going through all your storage areas, you can create a few piles of stuff that could either be donated or thrown out in the trash.

Unfortunately, you might not have room in your trash cans for all these items and you might not know where to donate them. This is where session with Junk Works can be a big help. One call sets up an appointment that can remove all those items and make sure they’re disposed of in a responsible way.

Big Removal

When you hire junk works you are hiring a pair of movers who will be arriving in a big truck. That truck can certainly hold a lot of unwanted rubbish. Your spring cleaning can go to the next level when you remove the bigger items along with all the little stuff. Those big items can be any piece of furniture or major kitchen appliance. It doesn’t matter if the object is down the basement or up in an attic. The Junk Works team will not have any problems climbing the stairs to get to what you need removed. This is what they do all day long! By clearing out those big rubbish items, you’ll be opening up a lot of space in your home.

Responsible Disposal

As mentioned, Junk Works is going to offer responsible disposal for all the things that you turn over to them. That could mean either dropping off at a recycling center or at a charity. The crews of all been trained to know which item belongs at which facility. This will all happen automatically as part of the complete Junk Works removal process.

This year, make your spring cleaning count by adding in a rubbish removal session from Junk Works. Book your appointment today.