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10 Ways to Maximize Your Basement Storage

10 Ways to Maximize Your Basement Storage

Basement storage can be useful for your household if it is appropriately organized and doesn’t contribute to further clutter. However, if things are starting to pile up in your basement, you may be wasting an efficient space and underutilizing its storage capabilities.

Basement organization can suit any individual who wants to organize their belongings better. As long as you have a strategy and some innovative storage techniques, you can start maximizing the space in your basement. 

No matter what your goal is, like using more space or creating a tidier environment, we have developed some excellent strategies that will take your basement organizational process to new heights. Here are 10 ways to maximize your basement storage. 

Carefully Schedule Your Time

The first step is planning for how long the organization process will take. Be sure to give yourself adequate time so you can get each task done without any added pressure of a deadline.

Reduce Excess Storage

Even though storage areas seem useful, sometimes they can actually hinder your organizational process. There are storage systems that are more effective than others to keep things tidy, but if you overdo it, you’ll find yourself in a messier environment than when you started.

Also, storage spaces can take up even more room in the basement, making things more cramped. Experiment and see what works for you, and strike the right balance. You can even ask for input from your family, who can help you decide how to utilize the space. 

Ask Family or Friends for Help 

Tackling the entire basement on your own can be a daunting task. Be sure to ask your family members or friends if they are willing to help you get it organized. A team effort can make sure that the project is done quicker. Also, having more people around to help offers emotional support in case you find it difficult to dispose of certain items.

Getting an outside perspective can also be beneficial because they may notice things you missed or have creative solutions to maximize the space. 

Purge all Unnecessary Items 

One of the most crucial steps for maximizing your basement is to get rid of any items that are taking up space. A good purge of your belongings will free up room and create less clutter.

Take your time with this process. Choose a few days where you have the time to evaluate everything you’ve collected in your basement, and then sort it into “keep” or “get rid of” piles.

Organize Clutter Better

Now that you’ve begun the purging process, you’ll want to keep your accumulated clutter organized so that everything runs smoothly. As previously mentioned, create piles like “keep” or “get rid of”, or even “selling”, “recycling”, or “garbage”. Be sure not to keep too many things, as your goal is to declutter, not reorganize.

You can also donate your items, rent a dumpster, or schedule a junk collection from a reputable company like Junk Works. Plus, if you seek out the help of a professional junk removal team, they can give you an accurate assessment on what size bin you’ll need for your basement project or an estimate for the junk removal.

Spruce it Up with Cleaning and Painting

Even though many basements aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing space, you can add some touches to make the area more spacious and clean, such as scrubbing down the floor and walls. Once you have done so and they have dried completely, add mould-resistant paint and waterproof primer. You can even use epoxy paint and primer for the floor to touch things up and offer protection against moisture. 

Finally, keep a dehumidifier in the basement and keep the setting on auto and at 50% relative humidity. No one wants a mouldy basement after working so hard to keep it clean, and the formerly mentioned tips should help. 

Sort Items by Season

When items aren’t properly sorted, it can be challenging to find anything that you need. Instead of looking through piles of your belongings, if you group each bin by season, you can find things more easily. For instance, you can have a container for occasions like Halloween or Christmas, or mark summer and winter items. With this strategy, you’ll be better able to navigate through your storage and find the exact thing you are looking for during a specific occasion.

Colour Coordinate

As proven by the Get Organized with Home Edit team on Netflix Canada, colour coordinating can make a space more organized. Colour systems are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they minimize clutter since each item has its own designated section. 

Take Care of Wasted Space 

Your basement is an area that may have under-utilized sections. Be sure to use every part of the space purposefully and check around the room to see what you can use without it getting too cluttered. 

Update the Inventory Every Year 

Now that you’ve put forth such a great effort to clean out your basement and utilize the space, you’ll want to ensure it stays this way. Each year, take account of your storage and inventory, and decide if there are items you should dispose of and are no longer useful. When you perform this step regularly, you’ll find that keeping your basement clutter-free is much easier. 

It’s vital to stop collecting items and placing them throughout your basement with no rhyme or reason. Keeping track of your things and putting them in the right spot will go a long way in maximizing the space in your basement. 

Leave Your Junk to Us 

Now that you have some ideas on how you can organize your basement, you can get started one step at a time. Our team at Junk Works loves helping our clients get organized so they can feel at ease in a clutter-free home. To find out more about our services and offerings, including junk removal prices, check out our website or get in touch with us at 1-888-888-JUNK.