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Spring cleaning tips

How to Finish Your Spring Cleaning in Only One Day

As we all know, spring is the classic time to do a deep clean in your home. Due to the current pandemic, keeping a house sparkling clean and germ-free is essential more than ever. Since we spend more time indoors, having a more organized home can reduce stress during unpredictable times. According to the President of the Professional Organizers of Canada, cleaning your home also makes people more physically active, contributing to better mental health.

If cleaning your home feels like a daunting task, there are methods to polish your space efficiently over a day. With these tips, you will be well on your way to decluttering and completing your spring cleaning tasks.

Come Up With a Plan

Before you start the cleaning process, it is essential to map out your plan of attack. You can make a list of things you need to clean in order of importance and write down how long each area will take.

Declutter Your Space

Once you have a plan set in motion, it is much easier to clean your space when you declutter first. You’ll end up having less to clean, more room to perform cleaning tasks, and you’ll notice those messy areas previously hidden by clutter.

Dust All Areas

Dust can build up all over the phone, and taking a duster or microfiber cloth and wiping down rooms and furniture makes a fresher environment. Be thorough when checking for dust; it may accumulate in random spots like art, frames for lampshades.

For those of you who have higher ceilings, cobwebs can settle in those corners. A long-handled duster is useful for sweeping up those hard-to-reach areas.

Now that you have a general idea of how you want to clean things around your home, consider cleaning these specific items:

Carpets and Rugs

Walking on rugs and carpets tracks dirt and stains all the time. To give your carpets and rugs a refresh, rent a carpet cleaner from a nearby grocery or hardware store.


Shelves are an area that often gets neglected. If you haven’t cleaned them in a long time, you’ll want to remove every item of them, dust and deep clean.

Windows and Blinds

Windows and blinds can gather dust, grime, and debris. If you leave them for too long, they can be more challenging to clean. If you’re lucky, a dust and wipe will do the trick. However, one hack to get them looking good as new is to wash blinds in the bathtub. However, if this task is necessary, leave it for another day. It can be time-consuming, and your goal is to do your spring cleaning in one day.


Walls get dirty fast and can get stained. Wash your walls with soapy water, especially for marks on the wall that you need to remove. If you’ve tried to get a stain out with no success, you can touch them up with paint on another day.


Vacuuming and mopping floors can make a significant difference in your home feel a lot cleaner. For areas that are difficult to reach, use the attachments on your vacuum – they are there for a reason. For a pro tip, you can use two buckets to mop your floors, one with water to clean your mop and the other with your cleaning product. As a result, your floors will be sparkling.


Collecting trash from all over your house will make your home smell better and feel less cluttered. Plus, you will have more trash build up once you are working through the cleaning process, so you’ll want to get it out of your way.

Touching Up These Specific Home Areas Will Go a Long Way

If you want to get as much done in a day as possible, tackling some of the more high traffic or cluttered areas first can make your spring cleaning simpler. Here are a few places to consider:

The Kitchen

You likely use the kitchen the most out of any room. You’ll want to clean this area first and keep everything organized. One helpful tip from an article in Canadian Living is that clearing your cupboards and making space can be an excellent way to make a kitchen more functional. Kitchen cupboards can get extremely messy and disorganized and make you feel anxious when putting away items and discovering there’s little room for them.

The Living Room

Since your living room is such a frequented space, you will want it to feel like a place where you can relax. Performing a deep clean of your living room is an ideal task for spring cleaning. Touch up and polish furniture, upholstery, lampshades, and wash dirty items like pillows and blankets. Give mirrors and windows a good scrub as well.


Spring cleaning is the perfect time to look through your closet and clean out any items you no longer need. Determine which items you want to keep or give away. If you do want to keep some winter clothing items, you can store them away until you need them. Be sure to wash them first so that they don’t gather dust or grime.


Bathrooms are an area that gets filthy fast, so a deep clean will make a massive difference in making your home feel fresh. Clean inside the toilets, spray and scrub down showers or baths, wipe down all walls, sinks, counters and faucets.

We Can Help You Prioritize Your Spring Cleaning

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