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Signs that your fridge needs to be replaced

9 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Fridge

A refrigerator is something that many homeowners don’t give much thought to until it becomes a problem. Most fridges can last many years and it may not be obvious when it needs repairs or when you need to dispose of your fridge.

Whether your fridge isn’t cooling as well as it should or if you want an upgrade, here are some signs that it’s time to replace it and what you can do with your old unit.

1. High power bills

If you’ve noticed an increase in the cost of electricity for your home, your fridge may be the culprit. This can be a problem with older units as they are not built to the same energy-efficient standards as newer models. When shopping for a replacement, look for one with an Energy Star sticker. Those models will help you save more on your power bills than an older fridge and are also better for the environment.

You can recycle your old fridge by asking Junk Works to come and get it. Some other things to watch for are a manual defrosting unit which uses less power and a fridge with the freezer on the top rather than the bottom.

2. Too much condensation

Have you noticed excessive amounts of condensation in your fridge? This can be a sign that it is not cooling as well as it should. Inspect the rubber sealing around the door to see if there are any signs of mould or mildew forming. If left unchecked, the cooling problem could become worse and cause your food to spoil.

3. Hot motor

The coils on the back of your fridge are insulated to prevent the release of too much heat. But if you’ve noticed that your fridge is letting off more heat than usual it may be time to replace the coils or get a new unit. If your fridge is older, getting a newer model is recommended rather than spending the extra money to repair a unit that is on its last legs. Instead, have Junk Works come and collect your old unit.

4. Too much noise

Some people may enjoy the soft hum of a refrigerator. It is a sign that it is working well. But if your unit has become excessively noisy, particularly when the compressor cycle is running, you should consider replacing your fridge with a new, quieter model.

If the noise is accompanied by other issues such as your fridge turning on or off more often and the inside temperature not as cool as it once was, it is definitely time to dispose of your fridge. Keep things environmentally safe by having a professional junk removal company recycle your broken-down fridge.

5. Seal damage

Your refrigerator’s seals are an essential part of keeping your food cool. When they are working properly, they lock the cold air in, which means that even if your fridge stops working, the food will stay cold for a short time. If you’ve noticed that it takes little effort to open your fridge, you should check the seals. One way to do this is to get a single piece of paper and close the fridge door with the paper stuck in the seal. If the paper falls out, it means the efficiency of your fridge is compromised.

6. Wrong size

Your needs can change over time and you may find that your fridge is now too small or too big for you. If you bought your fridge before you had kids, you may have opted for an ideal size for you and your partner. But with a growing family, you may need a unit that stores more food. On the other hand, if your kids have grown and moved away, you may find your fridge is just too big. In either case, getting a new fridge is the right answer. Disposing of your fridge is as easy as calling Junk Works to recycle your old fridge and make way for your new unit.

7. Too cold

While it is great to have a fridge keep your food cool, when you find that you are constantly having to defrost it, that may be a problem. Newer models have an automatic defrost feature that will prevent ice from building up in your freezer and burying your food.

8. Over a decade old

Most units can last up to 20 years but the older they get, the higher your repair bill will be. When it starts to cost more to repair your fridge than to replace it, consider disposing of your fridge and getting a new one. Even if you are not ready to buy one right now, if your fridge is over 10 years old it is time to start saving and looking around for a newer model.

9. Good deal

If you’ve done some research, done some shopping around and then you spot a good deal, grab it. Even if you’re not sure that this is the time, keep in mind that the older your unit gets, the more it will cost in repairs. So, instead of waiting until your fridge breaks down and you are in desperate need, save yourself the cash and hassle and buy one at a lower price now.

What to Do With Your Old Fridge

When it is time to dispose of your old refrigerator you have a few choices:

  • You can try and sell it or some of the parts but this can be a time-consuming option
  • Dumping it at a landfill may seem like the easy answer but it is not the most environmentally safe alternative.
  • Recycling your old unit is not only possible but it is one of the best ways to deal with your old unit. And, to make it even easier, waste removal companies like Junk Works will come and pick up your unwanted items.

For more information about junk removal and fridge disposal services, call Junk Works at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or contact us here.