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Easy ways to declutter your office

Easy Ways to Declutter Your Office

Chaotic and stressful environments can be created by clutter. You may even notice that you are less productive and effective when working in a cluttered environment. To maintain an efficient, clean and organized office space, use these simple but effective decluttering tips that we list here.

1. Only keep what you need

It is better to clear things out and gradually add them back if you find that you need them. It can be quicker than going through the tedious process of deciding what to keep and discard one by one.

Many offices have a variety of equipment (like a specialized printer) that get used for one or two projects, or a handful of specific tasks, only to never get used again. If you have items and equipment that aren’t adding to your staff’s productivity on a regular basis, then don’t waste valuable office space on them.

Beyond the essentials, your staff rely on to perform their daily tasks, move everything out of the office and only bring them back if they are absolutely needed. If you don’t use items for a long time, sell them, donate them or throw them away. Despite the extreme nature of this method, it is a great way to determine which items do not serve a purpose or impede productivity.

2. Set up your office in a practical manner

By following the method of starting from scratch, you will be able to reduce the clutter in your workspace. You can then arrange the remaining items in the workspace based on whether you use them regularly.

The items you use the most on your desk should be in the top drawers (such as chargers and notebooks), so they are easily accessible. Have pencils and pens nearby, and keep other supplies (such as headphones, staples, rubber bands) in lower drawers.

Have pencils and pens nearby, and keep other supplies (such as headphones, staples, rubber bands) in lower drawers. With this simple system, you will be more productive and always have your most frequently used items at hand.

3. Put things in three categories: “keep,” “recycle/trash,” and “belongs elsewhere.”

Sorting supplies and company belongings into three boxes or bags is the quickest way to get everything in order again. Keeping, recycling, and discarding, then reorganizing.

All of your stuff should have its place. We all have sentimental items that we hold onto for various reasons. In addition to recycling and throwing away, consider what items you can recycle (papers, plastics, and flyers).

4. Organize your cables

In every office, cables and wires abound, from phone chargers to HDMI cords and headphones. Keeping them in check can be a never-ending struggle no matter where those cables are located.

If anything goes wrong with your electronics, this lack of organization can greatly delay the process of identifying and fixing the problem or even increase the likelihood of health risks like fires occurring.

Consider investing in a Dymo Labeling system to label your cables as they are installed in your office. Investing in a Cablox cable management system can organize your cables quickly and easily and, perhaps more importantly, help ensure they remain neatly arranged and easily accessible.

You can also make labels and organization boxes using plastic containers, paper holders, shoe boxes, or other household items.

5. Snap a photograph

Occasionally, you may visit other offices and notice clutter that your coworkers are blissfully unaware of? That probably applies to your office as well. Visitors view your office from a fresh perspective, seeing mess and imperfections that you might not always notice.

If you want to test this synopsis, take a picture of your office from the main entrance. You will be shocked to see your working environment through your guests’ eyes. Taking photos from a variety of angles can help you discover clutter. Photographs offer a unique perspective that you might be ignoring, and images may highlight potential problems, allowing you to spot the areas that need to be cleaned up.

6. Digitalize all documents and notes

There is likely a lot of paper clutter in your life. You may have documents, notes and business cards from people you don’t remember meeting.

It’s not just that they take up space, but most of these documents are not something you need to look at regularly. Do not keep your documents just in case you need them one day, but instead create electronic copies, either by scanning, photographing or typing them.

Your smartphone comes with numerous apps that let you scan documents and save the required details. The paper versions of important documents you cannot risk losing should be scanned and discarded.

Note-taking apps such as Evernote, Google Docs, Google Keep, and the notes applications on iOS and Android devices can also be used. You can not only digitize notes but sync them across multiple devices through these apps so any employee can access them if needed. You can also easily search through your documents when you digitize them.

What other benefits come from a clutter-free office other than keeping it clean and tidy?

Improved Productivity

Finding objects and specific documents takes a lot of time. The less time you spend searching for them, the more time you have for work. Cloud-based document searching can also help you keep your office clean while giving you greater control and access to your documents.

Maintaining Peace of Mind

You are not just affected by clutter in your physical space but also in your mental space. You will be more distracted, with less focus and concentration if your mind is preoccupied with the state of your office and trying to find things in your mess.

Improved Corporate Representation

Imagine that you walked into a client’s office and found it disorganized. How would you feel? Would you assume the client also operates in an unorganized manner?

The cleaner and more organized your office is, the better the first impression your new clients or customers will have of your brand. The more professional your brand appears, the better the chances you will have to gain new clients and increase profits.

Even though you share a workspace with other people, keeping it clean enhances your representation and demonstrates respect towards your staff.

Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble keeping your space clutter-free and productive.

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