How to get rid of used furniture

How to Get Rid of Used Furniture

Every household accumulates a decent amount of furniture over the years; some of it is still used, while other items just take up space. At some point, every homeowner is forced to deal with old used furniture and find ways to dispose of it.

Sometimes, it can be repurposed within the household and used for something different. In other cases, though, old furniture gets thrown away or disposed of improperly, which leads to more environmental pollution.

Fortunately, there are several ways in which old furniture can be disposed of responsibly, as we will discuss below.

Donate Old Furniture

One of the most responsible and noble ways of getting rid of old furniture is donating it. What may be old and of no use to you could help someone else in need. Donating not only helps others but also breathes new life into the old piece of furniture. Old furniture can be donated to local shelters, schools, shops, churches, or charities.

You can also donate your old furniture to Furniture Banks, The Salvation Army, Red Door Family Shelter, and Habitat for Humanity, as well as other such organizations. These groups collect donations from homeowners like you and distribute them in communities that are less fortunate.

Some of these offer pick-up services, making the donation even more convenient. If you need help with furniture removal, you can always get in touch with one of our professionals at Junk Works. In some cases, you may also be able to save on your taxes because of these donations.

Sell or Trade Old Furniture

Another way to get rid of old furniture is to sell it or trade it for something else. In some cases, old furniture goes out of use not because it’s damaged, but because it has been replaced with something new and better. In such cases, this furniture is in perfect condition to find a new home. Selling old furniture will let you get some money back on your initial investment and also allow someone else to find the right item at a cheaper price.

Before selling your old furniture, make sure it is in usable condition and not damaged beyond repair. Patch up whatever can be fixed and wash it down to eliminate any smells, especially in the case of old couches, sofas, etc.

You can use online services like Facebook Marketplace to list your old furniture and then wait for someone to contact you. Take well-framed pictures of the item you are selling from all directions, and describe the item accurately. The price will depend on how old and used the furniture is and can always be negotiated.

Recycle Old Furniture

Recycling involves breaking down something to obtain the materials used to create it. The materials used to create furniture can mostly be broken down and taken apart to be repurposed.

If you have the right tools and are confident about your skills, you can break down furniture into smaller pieces and separate the different materials to either recycle on your own or take it to a recycling facility.

However, we recommend hiring a professional furniture removal company to make sure nothing else is damaged in the process and the disposal is carried out efficiently. At Junk Works, we recycle and donate 60 percent of the junk collected, and only a small amount ends up in landfills.

Repair/Repurpose Old Furniture

Sometimes, a small repair job is all that is needed to continue using a piece of furniture. While repairing it is not exactly a way to get rid of old furniture, it prevents disposal of items before the end of their life cycle and reduces the risk of more junk in landfills. If a small rip or scratch is causing you to get rid of a furniture item, try to fix the damage at home with the help of online tutorials.

Alternatively, if the particular piece is beyond repair, think about how it can be used as something else. For example, if the back of a chair is damaged, the base and legs can still be used as a stool or something similar. You will need to remove the back part and clean up the edges before putting it back into use. A sanding and paint job will breathe new life into it.

Hire a Junk Removal Company

For a hassle-free and safe furniture removal experience, call Junk Works. If you are unable to sell, repair, or repurpose a piece of furniture, a professional junk removal company can take it off your hands and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

We collect all kinds of old furniture, be it sofas, couches, mattresses, desks, tables, bookcases, and more. All you have to do is schedule an appointment at a time that suits you, and our professionals will bring the right equipment and transportation for the job.

Leave Old Furniture on the Curb

Similar to donating, old furniture can also be left outside your home on the curb, indicating that it is up for grabs. In cases where there aren’t too many or larger items, old furniture can be left outside and passersby can decide whether they can use it or not.

However, before you do that, check with your local council or municipality for what the right protocol is. You should not leave electronic items outside, so make sure you are following the rules.

Furthermore, if the furniture has been left outside unclaimed for an extended period of time, then consider disposing of it in one of the other ways mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Furniture removal and disposal can be challenging. As a homeowner, you should do everything possible to dispose of old furniture in an environmentally friendly way, making sure that nothing gets dumped in a landfill unless it has to.

There are several ways in which you can either give your old furniture a new life or dispose of it responsibly. Luckily, our professional furniture removal service can help you with that.
For more information about furniture removal or to book an appointment, call Junk Works at 888-888-5865 or contact us here.