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6 new year’s resolutions for a cleaner home

6 New Year’s Resolutions
for a Cleaner Home

The idea of New Year’s resolutions began over 4,000 years ago, when Babylonians promised their gods things for blessings in the coming year. Since promises included vows like paying debts and returning borrowed objects, New Year’s resolutions have become more casual, with no divine reward.

Most people take up more realistic resolutions like spending more time with family, working out more, staying away from certain vices, or being more organized, which may include furniture removal. If you are one of the people who want to be more organized in the new year, having a cleaner home is the first step towards it.

The best and worst parts about keeping New Year’s resolutions is that only you are accountable. It means you need to keep yourself in check and make sure you follow through with the promises you make. To make it easy, here is a list of New Year’s resolutions for a cleaner home.

1. Putting clothes away every night

At some point in your life, there was a mound of clothes you were supposed to put away, but it kept getting bigger and bigger. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The best way to prevent that stack of clothes from becoming a mountain is to put them away every night before sleeping instead of leaving them for the morning.

Try to make it a habit to put away your clothes every night, be it fresh clothes out of the laundry or just clothes being worn. Organizing the clothes around your home will make it look cleaner and give you a sense of satisfaction.

2. Think twice before buying more

A great way of decluttering your home is to avoid buying new things before you finish the old ones. It holds for smaller items like clothes, toothpaste, lotions, cooking oil, and more, and even significant items like furniture.

You may feel like you need new furniture or electronics to replace the old ones, in which the old stuff gets shoved in the corner or thrown away. Junk Works can help you get rid of your old furniture or electronic items to not only make space for the new, but also dispose of the old responsibly and in an eco-friendly manner.

Going to the market and finding clothing you like is a common way of piling clothes in your closet. While this shouldn’t deter you from buying something, a great way to offset this is to dispose of one piece of clothing you do not use. It keeps your clothing organized.

3. Organize the spaces you use the most

At the beginning of the year, it is a great idea to declutter, clean, and organize the spaces in your home that get used the most. These could include the kitchen, the bedroom, the study, or other parts of the house. It will give you a clean slate to start adding items you use.

It is also when you can figure out what to keep and to dispose of. If there is some furniture that you are looking to get rid of, do it at the start of the year. Call our professional junk removers and have a hassle-free furniture removal experience.

4. Make your bed every day.

Getting into the habit of making your bed every day is more a way to be strict with yourself rather than being clean. We use our beds daily. You would avoid folding the sheets or straightening the covers because you know it will be messy again the following night.

However, if you leave the house after making the bed, you will be welcomed by a neat and inviting bed when you get back home. It will also put you into a habit of doing cleaning-related things that you typically avoid.

5. Throw out garbage

Along with the trash, make it a habit to dispose of the clothes you don’t wear anymore, furniture you don’t use anymore, and appliances you don’t use. When it comes to clothes, you can donate your old clothes that are still in decent condition. Clothes you don’t wear stay in the back of the closet or at the bottom of the pile for years when someone else can use them.

In the case of furniture, you can donate, sell, or repurpose it to either make space in your home or give it new life. Appliances that don’t work anymore or are not needed should also be recycled. We can help you with that. The beginning of the year is ideal to sort these things out.

To help you get rid of old clothes, keep a donation box in your closet or somewhere in your house that you take out each time it gets full.

6. Keep the surfaces clean

Convenience is paramount when it comes to living in your own home. For example, in the kitchen, spices and condiments you use regularly remain on the counter, making it look busy. Putting things away right after using them gives you more space on the counter but makes things look clean and organized.

One of your cleaning-related New Year’s resolutions is getting in the habit of putting things back where they belong after using them.

6 New Year’s Resolutions for a Cleaner Home: Final Thoughts

Keeping New Year’s resolutions can be difficult, especially regarding incorporating new habits. Yet, keeping in mind that the result will be a clean and organized home, you can follow the aforementioned practices to try not only to keep your home organized but also to stay true to your resolutions.

For more information about keeping your home clean and for furniture removal, call Junk Works at 1-888-888-5865 or contact us here.