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Category Archives: Summer Cleaning

Great Summer Grilling Trips To Put Into Action

One of the best sounds of summer has to be steaks sizzling on the grill. That is swiftly followed by one of the best smells of summer and the best tastes of summer. Yes, it is backyard grilling season and those grills will be fired up all summer long. Do you consider yourself to be a grill master? The start of those skills begins with the selection of gas or charcoal. With a propane grill, you get a fast and consistent heat. With charcoal, you get more of a smokey flavor. Both approaches can work and they can both be elevated by putting some of these grilling tips into action:

Make It Hot

A grill needs the same kind of preheating time as your oven. That should usually take anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. Having a hanging thermometer can help gauge your grill’s heat. You know that your grill is good to go when you get that searing sizzling sensation as the food makes contact. Contrary to popular belief, searing a steak doesn’t “lock in” the juices. But it can improve flavors by creating a tasty caramelization.

Clean While Heating

If you didn’t clean off your grill after the last meal, then clean it before the next one during the preheating phase. A sturdy wire brush should do the trick. You want to make sure your grilled surface is clear of all the charred remnants. You don’t want any of that carrying over onto your next meal.

Oil On

A well-oiled grill is a happy grill. You don’t want to be “fighting” with the food you put on the grill. That is especially true of fish sticking to the rack. Tack a paper towel and soak it in vegetable oil. Then with a pair of tongues, rub the towel over the rack. You want to avoid using a cooking spray because that can lead to flare ups of the flame.

Avoid Cross Contamination

The raw meat you carry out to the grill should have its own platter. Once the meat goes on the heat, that platter is “done.” You want to use a clean platter for the cooked meat. That will avoid cross contamination. If you are marinating (as you should), then don’t baste with the leftover liquid. Make a separate batch of the marinade for that purpose.

Use a Meat Thermometer

The temperature never lies and nowhere is a meat thermometer more important than on your backyard BBQ grill. A digital thermometer works best to tell you the exact temperature. Once the meat hits the right number, take it off the heat and let it rest. Your thermometer might end up being more important than your spatula!

Of course, all of those grilling tips are predicated on the notion that your actual grill is up to the challenge. After several seasons of being exposed to the elements, it might be time for a replacement. Making room for a new grill requires the removal of the old grill and that is where Junk Works can be of assistance. One call to these quality junk haulers will have that grill picked up and disposed of in the right manner. They can also help clear your backyard of any other unwanted item that is keeping you from creating an oasis. Start your summer grilling season with a junk clearing session from Junk Works. You’ll be glad you did.