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About Junk Works' Foreclosure and Estate Cleanout Services

Foreclosures are an unfortunate experience for many, but they affect thousands of homeowners every year. In most cases, the previous tenant leaves their belongings behind, thus leaving clean up to the real estate agent or new buyer who might plan to sell the property.

Since you are now the new owner of the property, you are free to keep whatever is inside. However, if there is stuff you don’t want to keep, one of the fastest and easiest ways to get rid of it is by calling the professional junk removal team at Junk Works.

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Leave Your Foreclosure Cleanup Worries Behind

We have helped thousands of agents and new owners toss out the junk left by prior tenants, and make sure everything goes to a local charity or recycling center.

Unlike many companies, especially your local trash collection service, nothing we take ever goes straight to the junkyard. This is the last place we haul anything, especially stuff that comes from foreclosure cleanout projects. While it’s not uncommon for previous owners to damage the property before being forced to leave, many items are left intact. Whether it’s furniture, electronic items, mattresses, or reusable doors and windows, our crew will make sure it goes to the right place.

Eco-Friendly Foreclosure Junk Removal

Our mission is to provide the most efficient and eco-friendly junk removal services in the country, and we are committed to making each of our customers as satisfied as can be.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help. If you have recently purchased a residential or commercial foreclosed property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can have everything on our truck and off your hands in no time.

What Will Junk Works Take?

Since the only stuff Junk Works does not handle is hazardous waste, you should have no problem getting rid of everything in your new property.

We are equipped to haul:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture 
  • Hot Tubs 
  • Trash 
  • Mattresses 
  • E-Waste 
  • Yard Waste 
  • And Much More

A great way to facilitate the junk removal process and ensure our crew can take away your stuff upon arrival; simply let us know beforehand what you have in store. Feel free to do so by calling Junk Works at 888-888-5865 or leaving a message when you fill out our online booking form.

As far as the scheduling process is concerned, all we ask is that you designate the appropriate two-hour time slot that best fits your schedule. This allows our crew plenty of time to complete other projects and get to your home or office on time.

We’ll give you a courteous call about 30 minutes before we show up, and as soon as we do, you’ll have a written estimate with our guaranteed lowest offer in your hands. If you agree to the up-front quote, our crew will get to work immediately. A vast majority of the time, we don’t need to go back to our facility to get a bigger truck or more equipment, so we’ll be ready to take your unwanted belongings immediately.

We look forward to helping you and making your new foreclosure investment quick and painless. Thanks for stopping by!

Foreclosure Cleanout FAQS

Do you offer labor and trucks to remove items from a foreclosure?

Yes, sometimes in a foreclosure situation there is a lot of junk and debris left behind which must be removed to prepare for sale. Junk Works has trained professionals who have years of experience performing foreclosure clean outs and janitorial cleaning services on foreclosed homes. When we perform a trash out on a foreclosed home, we clear the entire house and yard of any junk, clutter or debris lying around. We will even take junk or old appliances that are not connected, broken or outdated if you want them gone. Junk Works can also rip out carpeting, tear down drywall, or perform other demo services upon request. If you need a foreclosure sales cleaning, we can provide a thorough janitorial service to get the home looking clean and smelling fresh. There is no junk removal company who understands foreclosure trash outs better! Call Junk Works now to schedule your foreclosure clean-out service.

What can you remove from a foreclosure cleanout?

When it comes to foreclosure clean-outs, you never know what you could be walking into. As a real estate agent or new home owner, you could have a foreclosure that is full of junk and clutter all over the house and yard. At Junk Works, we understand what it takes to get a home back in good condition and ready for sale. We start by removing all the trash and debris on the inside and outside of the home. We collect all the junk in heavy duty trash bags and load them into our dump trucks to take to the landfill. Then we will prepare to load any items that can be donated or salvaged as well as any broken appliances or lawn equipment that can recycled. We even remove large items like junk cars, boats or above ground pools that are infested with bacteria. If you have any other questions about what can be removed from a foreclosure home, give us a call at Junk Works today.

Do you offer eco-friendly foreclosure and estate clean out services?

At Junk Works, we provide eco-friendly foreclosure and estate sale clean out services by limiting the amount of items we take to the landfill. When things like furniture, clothes, books, lawn tools, working electronics and small appliances are left behind in a foreclosure, Junk Works will donate these items to local charities and shelters rather than just throwing them away in a dumpster. Any broken appliances or metal junk that we haul away will be taken to a local recycling center where the scrap metal will be broken down properly and sorted. We will even take old paint cans and schedule an appointment to take them to a paint drop off and recycling location. Whenever Junk Works performs a janitorial service on a foreclosure home, we use green cleaning products and materials to perform a thorough, entire-house disinfecting and cleaning. Call Junk Works right now for all your eco-friendly foreclosure clean-out needs.

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