About Junk Works' Bulk Trash Removal Service

Are you dissatisfied with how your local trash collection service is operating? Are you tired of having too much garbage left behind because of bin limits? Would you like an easier way to get rid of the bulk amount of trash and junk lying around your home or building?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Junk Works is right for you. Valet bulk trash removal is one of the many junk removal services our company provides to home and business owners, and it’s fast, affordable, and above all, effective.

Get Rid of Your Garbage for Good

No more waiting for the garbagemen to show up. No more hoping they don’t forget to grab that extra bin. No more having to get rid of massive amounts of clutter one week at a time. With Junk Works, you can have your home or office spotless in one day. Not a bad way to get your spring cleaning duties out of the way!

No one likes having their garbage sit on the curb for days at a time, especially if your property has acquired a reputation for being the neighborhood eyesore. Let’s face it. Most people have a lot of stuff, and most garbage collection companies are unable to accommodate the volume.

By hiring Junk Works, you can bypass all the hassles that come with your local collection service. Believe us, it’s a lot easier to throw away everything all at once, and it will make you feel much better. There’s nothing like getting organized to put you in the right mood; make things convenient for yourself by getting in touch with the trash removal experts at Junk Works today.

What Will You Take?

The only stuff Junk Works is not legally allowed to remove is hazardous waste. These materials require special handling, transportation, and disposal regulations, and aren’t something we handle. That being said, anything you refer to as “trash” is good enough for us. Many people simply hire us to take the garbage their normal collection company for whatever reason won’t take, but we’ll take anything you don’t want.
The main difference between Junk Works and local garbagemen is only about 40% of the stuff we haul goes to the landfill. The majority of what we take is recycled, reused, or repurposed. If you want to get rid of an old piece of furniture or appliance, we’ll do our best to see that it goes to someone who could use it.

Our firm makes frequent donations to local charities, and only sends stuff to the dump as a last resort. So not only will you be able to quickly get rid of your trash, you can rest assured knowing that it might go to someone who will call it their treasure.

Junk Works is an eco-friendly company that takes conservation very seriously. We were the first business to pioneer recycling based junk removal, and are the greenest junk removal company in North America.

Say ‘so long’ to your trash by scheduling an appointment by phone or email today.

Trash Removal FAQS

What kind of trash do you pick up?

Junk Works offer‘s trash removal and disposal services to both residential and commercial clients. Do you have bulk trash pickup you need scheduled? If so call Junk Works today and schedule a convenient pickup date and time to remove your garbage and trash items. Junk Works will haul away and dispose of discard bulky household items including: sofas, loveseats, recliners, mattresses, box springs, desks, large garbage bags, boxes, metal debris, garage debris, yard waste, and so forth. To schedule a trash pickup or for further assistance please contact Junk Works today!

Do I need to carry my heavy trash to the curb?

Junk Works provides full service garbage pick-up and removal service. Our professionals can haul away trash from just about anywhere garbage can accumulate. Our two man teams and oversized junk trucks give us a hauling advantage superior to vs other trash hauling services. Regardless if your trash is inside or out, Junk Works will haul and remove it from your home or business.

Do I need to set an appointment for trash pickup?

Junk Works requires all clients to schedule a pickup time for their trash and bulk items. Trash pick times are limited so give Junk Works a call today or fill out our online form to schedule a time and day for your trash removal service. Simply describe the volume of trash and debris you need hauled away, and our two man crew and a junk removal truck will make that a reality for you.

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They were great! Polite, professional and hot the job done quickly. Checked with us to make sure we were happy before they left. Would definitely use them again.
September 26, 2020 by
Kitchener, Ontario
The team arrived on time and were very efficient and professional. They were able to move a heavy appliance out of an awkward space in no time and were very careful not to damage walls/floor as they proceeded. I would highly recommend this company.
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