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5 Tips For Getting Your Security Deposit Back

The average person will move 11 times over the course of their life. It’s safe to assume that most of those moves happen from apartment to apartment. The goal of moving out of any apartment is to get your security deposit back. That was given as a condition of you moving in and is meant to cover any costs a landlord would incur in order to restore the apartment back to its original condition. The hope is that you can do that restoration work yourself and get back your full security deposit. The following tips can help you achieve that goal:


Review Your Lease

This actually should happen before you even give notice to your landlord. You want to make sure that you are providing them with the agreed-upon amount of notice. Usually that is 30 days. When you do submit a notice, it is best to do it by certified mail so that you have a record that you got it in under the deadline.

Request a Final Walk-through

The last thing you should ever do in your old apartment is have a walk-through with the landlord. This should happen after you have completely moved out, clean the place and made any repairs. Let them see everything as you left it. If the landlord signs off on the walk-through, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get your security deposit back.

Put Everything Back

You might have made some changes since you moved in. Whether you think there are an improvement or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that you restore the apartment to the same condition as that moving day. That means removing any blinds or drapes, plugging up any holes in the wall and, if necessary, repainting. You only have to repaint if you painted over the original color.

Take Pictures

Even though you are going to have a walk you should still take pictures and video of how you left the place. If a landlord should claim any damage after you moved out, then you need to have proof that you didn’t cause much.

Remove All the Rubbish

Obviously, you are going to leave the apartment 100% empty. Again, it doesn’t matter if you think the sofa you’re leaving behind would benefit the next tenant; it has to go. This is where you could get some help from Junk Works. These are the professional junk haulers who have helped hundreds of apartment renters clear out the space before moving out.

As you pack up you probably find a lot of things you can get rid of. The that offer the Junk Works crew. They’ll be able to take away anything regardless of whether you’re on the ground floor apartment or for flights up.

Let Junk Works help you get your security deposit back with some thorough junk removal.

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